Nowadays, home office plays an increasingly important role. Many people set up a suitable study at home in order to have a good work-life balance. With a study you can Manage your time much better and use it more effectively. When planning and furnishing your study, however, you should consider a few points. When you work from home, you always take some work home with you. The study should therefore be a separate room in order to be able to separate work and private life in your own four walls. It is important that you only do all of your work here and not several areas in the Use house. This makes it easier for you to separate your work and personal life. Home office is a nice alternative that can save you a lot of time and energy. However, you have to set up a suitable area for yourself at home. The following explains in more detail what you need to pay attention to when planning and designing your study.

Find the right room

In the first step you have to find a suitable room in which you can set up your own study. In the room you have to accommodate a desk, a chair, a computer and other devices that you need for your daily work. The room shouldn’t be too big and just offer as much space as you really need. When designing, you should make sure that you like the room, even if it’s just the study. Place a few plants or pictures in the room to enhance the sober and dreary working atmosphere in the room. You should not overload the room with unnecessary accessories or decorative elements. Functionality always has still top priority. In small apartments it is difficult to set up a separate study. As an alternative, you can subdivide a room and clearly separate one area in the room from the rest of the living area.

Pay attention to functionality

When planning and designing the study, you should always pay attention to functionality. So remove all utensils and objects that could distract you and limit yourself to only essential aspects and objects when setting up. For this reason, you should first consider which tasks you have to do from home and which objects and equipment you need. In addition to the equipment, the storage options play an important role. You should put a shelf in the room where you can store the folders. It is important that you buy the equipment first, followed by a suitable desk and shelf. This will prevent the desk from being too small or way too big. As soon as you have stowed the most important equipment and utensils in the room, you can deal with the design of the rest of the room. Even if it is a study, you should make the room a little more comfortable. If you are Feeling comfortable in the room also automatically increases your productivity when working from home. But don’t overdo it with the accessories, because too many decorative elements can distract you.

Detailed planning

In most cases, people need to get creative with setting up their own study, as it wasn’t a significant part of building a house back then. If you can, you should find an entire room that you can convert into a study. Everything that happens in this room is work. As soon as you close the door behind you, it’s time for the end of the day. If you live in a small apartment, try to find a area in which you can set up a work area. You should definitely pay attention to the appropriate delimitation by curtains or partition walls. You can buy partition walls that can be moved cheaply online or at hardware stores. Of course, you can also build the partition walls yourself with wooden panels. Set up the workspace in front of a window . So you can look outside and there is enough daylight in the work area. Another way of demarcation are shelves that you can place around the work area.
When planning the devices, you should also pay attention to functionality. If you have to print, scan, and fax a lot, it makes sense to buy a multi-function device that can do all three. You also save a lot of space with a multifunction device. You can stow important accessories in the drawers of the desk or on a shelf.

Light and lighting

So that you can work productively and comfortably in your home office, you need good lighting in the room. You will be working on the PC most of the time. Working for a long time at the computer can give you headaches and hurt your eyes. For this reason, you should avoid artificial light as much as possible and try to have as much natural light as possible in the room. So that you can work in your study in summer, you should protect yourself from strong light and heat. Window films , which you can buy cheaply in hardware stores, are particularly suitable for this. Measure your window beforehand and have the window film cut to your dimensions at the hardware store. Of course, you also need an artificial light source in the room. When choosing the lighting, make sure that you can adjust and dim the light individually.

Home office and retreat

When designing the study, make sure that it offers the suitable working atmosphere on the one hand and that it is a place of retreat for you on the other. If you have the necessary space in your study, you can also think about putting a refrigerator or a coffee machine in the room. The practical thing about it is that you have everything you need to work in the room.
With small accessories and decorative elements, you can ensure the right feel-good factor in the room. You can even combine work utensils with decoration, e.g. B. Filing systems in a stylish design. Magnetic boards are also a nice alternative. Here you can attach all the important tasks for the day and at the same time some nice photos of the family with the magnets. Here you can let your creativity run free. But always make sure that the decorative elements do not clutter the study.