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In addition to a well-developed infrastructure, one of the hallmarks of a modern industrial country is the existence of a good and efficient telecommunications network. The challenges of the digital future also make constant further development of this existentially important telecommunications network necessary. Well-developed software and computer programs are required even when planning telecommunications networks or when expanding them.

The Arcadia add-on module for telecommunication networks is a very powerful software program, which is precisely tailored to the challenges of this particular problem in the planning and implementation of telecommunication networks. This Arcadia add-on module is suitable for planning overhead line networks as well as for cable ducting and underground cable laying.

The program also includes a comparison of the properties of fiber optic and copper cables and thus enables an optimal decision for the expansion, taking into account performance parameters such as data transmission rates. A well-developed calculation program tailored to optimal problem solutions not only determines elementary important data for dimensioning the telecommunications network to be expanded, but also provides quantity lists and their descriptions. The program is also designed in such a way that at the end of the day it enables a certain amount of self-control with regard to the project circuits. In addition, the software creates certain proposed solutions with regard to cable laying, cable ducting or piping.

Already during the drawing planning phase for the extension of a telecommunications network, a BIM technology integrated in the program provides object-related, physically technical parameters that characterize the later properties of the telecommunications network.

The same BIM module also performs a collision check of all components integrated into the new system through the extension.

Brief description of the program software

Overview of the most important software functions for telecommunications software

The Arcadia BIM Telecommunications Networks program is provided with a highly sensitive Arcadia BIM module, which is based on the requirements of the Building Information Modeling ideology. This includes numerous tools that are required for future-oriented planning of telecommunications networks in both fiber optic and copper network types.

The program software is a special aid for planners of telecommunication networks, who can use this effective tool to get a quick overview of the type and manner of the extensions as well as detailed questions about the designs. Even beyond the planning phase, executing companies can benefit from the advantages of the Arcadia BIM telecommunications network software through the visually optimal presentation in the form of plans and drawings. The documents provided by this system are based on previously drawn up zoning plans and thus serve as helpful support for all subsequent implementation in practice.

Users of this software can create their own plans, which serve well as a supplement to existing network plans. Here, users can also fall back on object libraries, from which they can take detailed objects suitable for their currently pending expansions and edit them.

With the help of the software and its calculation module, however, users can also carry out certain checks on created network plans and thus recognize and correct any errors during the planning phase. The documents created in this way can be used as a good basis for technical reports.


The Arcadia add-on module for telecommunications networks was developed by experienced specialists who are familiar with all practical problems associated with the development and expansion of telecommunications networks.

The comparison of the individual properties of fiber optic and copper cables is just one of the extensive possibilities of the software. Its calculation module, the ability to display and design both individual component elements and an overall expansion make this program an ideal tool for every telecommunications network planner.

User Guide

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