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The quality of life and the standard in a building are not only controlled by the building itself. In addition, a pleasant climate plays a decisive role. For this, however, precise calculations and planning must be made. Only in this way is it also possible for heating systems to be installed for your needs. In addition, the focus here is on profitability. After all, the provision of heat also costs something. Our additional module is in use so that all these points, such as the thermal bridge calculation, the radiator design or the temperature distribution in components, can be determined and made available.

Your optional extension for the ArCADia 3D BIM architect

The ArCADia 3D BIM architect is always at your side when planning your building. You can easily plan and design your dream house, including the smallest details, with numerous tools. While our software already offers you a wide range of options, in some cases an even greater scope is necessary. This is where our additional modules come into play. So you can also achieve more advantages and specializations in the area of ​​heat demand with the ArCADia-Thermo extension. After all, this also plays a key role for you as the client for the later quality in the building.

These functions include the additional module ArCADia-Thermo

The module focused on the provision of data. Therefore the most important functions are:

  • Determination of the heat transfer coefficient in components
  • the temperature distribution in components
  • the analysis of water failure in components using a Glaser diagram
  • the thermal bridge calculation
  • the design of the radiators

Who is the ArCADia Thermo add-on module suitable for?

Just like the complete software for ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, this additional module is also easy to use. It is suitable for calculating the heat demand in buildings. This applies, for example, if you as the client want to determine the values. Most of the time, however, it is architects, craftsmen and the like who need such additional modules. The only requirement for using ArCAdia Thermo: You must have the licensed version of ArCADia BIM 3D Architects.

This is how the radiator design is carried out

The radiator design is very important in terms of future room quality and precise planning. The process can also be carried out by you as a layperson without any problems. Because the radiator design with our additional module takes place almost automatically. In addition, a lot of information can be determined with the software. This applies, for example, in the course of the thermal bridge calculation or the calculation of the temperature distribution in components. In order to always maintain a high degree of professionalism, the annual energy requirement of your building is determined in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13890.

Comprehensive database for your thermal planning

You will also find an extensive database with our additional module. This includes, for example, the products of numerous material manufacturers such as Rctial, BACHL, Wienerberger, Recticel or Schwenk. And heat pumps from a wide range of providers can also be integrated into the planning.

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