Additional module gas installations outside 2.0

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A gas installation in a house requires careful planning and calculation in advance. A sensible solution must be found to accommodate the gas cylinders. This can be done through gas cabinets, which must be housed in a practical location. In addition, the course of the installation must be precisely defined in the planning phase. In particular, important parameters such as the number and position of shut-off fittings, gas flow, pressure drop in the individual gas lines and fittings play a decisive role.

More detailed explanations

The gas supply software in its most important functions

A very useful gas supply software is the ArCadia-BIM gas installations outside, with which the theoretical basis for a functioning and above all effective gas supply for a building can be created quickly and effectively.
With the help of this practicable software, planners of gas installations can give precise and detailed specifications to the executing companies and thus ensure a solid basis for a successful and economical gas supply.

Of particular importance when using the program are its calculation functions, which enable a timely determination of system-relevant parameters such as volume flows and pressure losses in the individual gas line elements.

Essential program functions

The program was developed by experts with practical experience so that all of the essential influencing variables that play a decisive role in a gas installation are incorporated into the details. For example, after defining and positioning the gas cabinets, the course of the installation can also be virtually simulated.

In parallel to this simulation, desired or required shut-off valves can be placed at various points in the installation at any time. With the help of the integrated calculation program, the essential influencing variables such as volume flows through the gas lines and pressure drops in the shut-off valves can be re-determined and displayed promptly after every change made.

The calculations are well structured and summarized in calculation reports and can be used for control purposes at any time.

Another very practical function of the software is the compilation of material and element lists, which means that the user or planner can always get a clear list of the installation parts used.

In the case of extensive gas installation plans, the user can also use the software to carry out collision checks on the virtually used elements.


In connection with the energy transition, gas supply is playing a key role as a transition technology.
Gas installations in houses can be optimally planned and dimensioned with the program software “ArCadia-BIM gas installations outside”. The flexibility of this software, developed by experts, makes it possible to adapt it to the existing building conditions in 3-D quality.

The parallel representation of the virtual 3-D construction in connection with the computer-aided flow and pressure drop values ​​of the individual pipeline elements make this software an elementary aid for every planner.

User Guide

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