Additional module gas installations 2.0

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  • Including manual and instructions
  • Unlimited use
  • Requires ArCADia BIM 3D Architect
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  • Program for the construction and installation of main gas cabinets.
  • Design and position gas consumers, measuring devices and much more.
  • Calculations of gas flow rates, pressure drops, gas consumption, gas requirements or pipe cross-sections.
  • Correct installation of locking valves.
  • Lists with shaped and raw pieces as well as material lists are made by ourselves.
  • The functions of the gas supply software

ArCADia BIM GAS INSTALLATIONS is an extension of the ArCADia BIM system. The basis is the ideology of Building Information Modeling. The module is primarily used by planners and companies responsible for gas installations to enable the installation and planning of gas installations. The module provides all the necessary tools and tools for professional planning and installation.

The advantages of ArCADia GAS INSTALLATIONS lie in the simple and quick usability. In just a few steps, the program creates plans and schemes for the gas installations. All the software needs are the architectural plans of the building.

Furthermore, ArCADia-GASINSTALLATIONEN offers functions for the creation of calculations or technical reports. This allows errors to be identified or the design to be carried out. The module creates the technical reports as quickly and reliably as the plans. The program also has an object library for managing a wide variety of objects and their parameters.

The most important functions of the additional module

With ArCADia BIM GAS INSTALLATIONS, main gas cabinets can be installed and the execution planned. Users can still manage the distribution of gas consumers and measuring devices and plan the gas flows in the installations and shut-off valves.

The software is also used to calculate gas flow rates and pressure drops. The program can estimate the gas consumption from the gas requirements of the installations and create power cross-sections.

Objects can be inserted visually. In the meantime, the program supplements the plans and parameters. A wide variety of object data can already be added when creating the objects in the drawing phase. Since the software works on the basis of the BIM system, there is no risk of collision with other objects in the ArCADia BIM system.

Additional functions:

  • CAD lines can be converted into a gas pipe from ArCADia.
  • The software automatically reports errors in the planning and design of the components.
  • ArCADia creates calculation formulas for the installations as well as axonometric views.
  • Lists of the individual pipe and fittings, materials, elements and reports are created automatically and can be exported as .rtf and .csv data.
  • Visual inspections can be carried out in the 3D view.
  • For the use of ArCADia BIM GAS INSTALLATIONS a version of ArCADia BIM 3D ARCHITECT must be installed.

The ArCADia BIM ARCHITECTURE extension is suitable for planning floor plans in 2D.

User Guide

Download the user manual for the gas installations 2.0 add-on module:


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