Additional module electrical networks 2.0

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The BIM technology on which the ArCADia software is based makes it possible to define and save all the necessary data and values ​​while drawing. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. There are a large number of additional BIM modules that complement the basic program and make planning building projects much easier. The basic module ArCADia BIM 3D architect is required to use this additional module and all other program extensions.

Brief description of the additional module

The BIM-based additional module electrical networks contains all the necessary functions to be able to plan the electrical networks in the outdoor area quickly and professionally. The module is an extension of the basic program and allows the planning of electrical networks for low voltages up to 1000 volts.

With the additional program, the ArCADia developers are specifically targeting users and planners from the electrical industry. The additional module can be used to create electrical energy network plans. They are based on land use plans. With ArCADia BIM electrical networks, this can be done quickly and easily.

It is possible for the user to create room plans on the basis of which the network plans can be worked out. The object library is a very useful function. The objects contained therein can be edited. For example, technical parameters can be assigned to them so that they can be included in the planning. In addition to basic planning, the additional module also enables the calculation of the network plans that have been created. This will detect any errors. These calculations, in turn, can be used to generate technical reports.

The most important functions of the additional module ArCADia BIM electrical networks

  • the planning and design of overhead line networks
  • the planning and design of underground networks
  • the planning and design of connections between a building and the power cables, i.e. the underground cables and overhead lines
  • the planning of outdoor lighting, for example street lighting
  • the design of safety devices
  • the fire protection test

The most important new features of version 2.0

  • a quick and easy creation of structural diagrams of supply networks and terrain topology, from the supply source to the end element
  • Improvement of the calculation methods, for example through the introduction of the simultaneity factor
  • the introduction of terrain coordinates, which are integrated during reporting and can be saved as RTF files
  • the user can create object symbols himself and exchange existing ones
  • there is a new object, the cable sleeve

User Guide

Download the user manual for the electronic networks 2.0 add-on module:


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