Additional module electrical installations PLUS 2.0

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Numerous functions are necessary so that your building project, whether it is a new building or a conversion and renovation, can be planned extensively and in detail. This is exactly what the system around ArCADia BIM 3D offers you. The software primarily impresses with numerous functions for structural drawings. In addition, you can purchase modules which offer additional functions in certain areas: the additional module ArCADia Electrical Installations Plus, for example. This is an add-on for the extension ArCADia electrical installations. In this sense, you must have already acquired this module. The basis for all additional modules is also a licensed version of ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, without which none of the additional modules function. The software is suitable for electrical planners and electrical engineers alike.

These functions include ArCADia Electrical Installations Plus

The main task of the extension is to plan cable ladders, cable trays and cable ducts extensively and professionally. Because with the additional module ArCADia Elektroinstallationen Plus, the functions from the simple extension have been optimized. You can also plan cable routes and carry out various calculations. These are, for example, the calculation of the filling of cable ladders, cable trays or ducts. The focus of the module is that all parameters are automatically defined and saved by the program.

The advantage of ArCADia Elektroinstallationen Plus: You can also integrate the DIALux program for professional lighting planning into the planning. This enables communication between the two programs.

Advantages of BIM technology

For the functions of the additional module, a lot of emphasis was placed on the sophisticated BIM technology. Thanks to this, the definition and storage of the parameters carried out at the same time as the drawing as well as the collision check with the remaining elements of the software is possible.

User Guide

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