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Clean drinking water is vital for people. That is why properly provided drinking water installations, including their water pipes, water meter sets and fittings, fulfill vital functions. In addition, such drinking water installations contain a number of fittings and devices such as filters, mixing devices, measuring devices, fire protection and control fittings, protective fittings, non-return fittings, shut-off fittings and extraction fittings.

For the needs-based dimensioning and installation of drinking water installations, a precise knowledge of pressure losses and flow rates in the individual pipeline elements is essential. These values ​​must be calculated in advance and adjusted according to the respective requirements. The dimensions for pipe cross-sections, fittings, hydraulic objects, exchangers, heaters and possibly devices for pressure increase then result from the determined sizes.

1. Brief description

A software with the most important functions of the water supply

A very suitable software program for determining the relevant parameters is the ArCADia BIM drinking water installations, which works specifically towards their optimization.
Due to its special advantages, this software is particularly suitable for the design of drinking water installations and general sanitary facilities.

The main functions of the program:

In summary, the program includes the following functions:

  • The user can generate drawings that contain the most important data on connection points, water meters and fittings.
  • Any number of fittings and pipe elements can be integrated into the pipe system, depending on requirements or individual wishes.
  • The software provides the necessary values ​​for pressure loss, pressure drop and volume flow for each of the pipeline elements newly or experimentally integrated into the pipeline system.
  • The software is designed for self-control so that the user also receives messages if there are errors in the entries or in the dimensions of individual pipeline elements.
  • The user can access a database via the software which contains all relevant elements for drainage systems. The provision of manufacturer catalogs is a great help for the user if he has to make changes or adjustments to individual pipeline elements.
  • The program can record significant building data such as floor heights and use this to adjust the required pipe lengths. The changes in flow losses resulting from these changed conditions flow directly into the new calculations.
  • The user of the program can use the software to create a list of all the individual elements integrated in the piping system, such as elbows, pipe sections and branches.
  • He also has the option of having all the elements used virtually created as a 3-D view. This also gives him the opportunity to get an overview of the exact sequence of assembly of the individual elements.


Modern calculation methods with powerful computer programs facilitate the planning of drinking water installations in many ways.

The Arcadia additional module for drinking water installation is completely tailored to the requirements and problems relating to the installation of pipelines for the drinking water supply with all pipeline elements occurring therein. In particular, the various pipeline elements such as elbows, shut-off valves, straight and curved pipeline sections each have a considerable influence on the pressure conditions and flow losses in the pipeline systems. These different influences are optimally recorded by this software and flow seamlessly into the calculations.

User Guide

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