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With ArCADia BIM 3D Architects you can design, plan and draw your building project down to the last detail. However, not all functions are always actually required. For this reason, in addition to the extensive tools from the software, we offer you additional modules with which you can easily plan certain systems and objects. This also applies to drainage systems, for example. The ArCADia add-on module makes it easier for you to plan these and at the same time provides you with all the tools for drawing. The additional module for all aspects of drainage systems therefore offers you at a glance:

  • all calculations relating to the drainage system including the flow rates in the individual parts or even the flow rate
  • the reporting of calculation errors in your information
  • the variation on different drainage systems, such as installations for sanitary, rainwater or industrial wastewater
  • the automatic production of material lists
  • the display of the cable cross-section

These functions are included in the add-on module

In short, the ArCADia additional module for planning drainage systems includes all the important functions for drawing drainage systems of all kinds reliably, in detail and in accordance with the standard. In order for this to work, some tools and aspects of the program are in focus.

It is therefore particularly important during planning that all calculations are carried out correctly. For this purpose, the software offers automatic calculations for the flow rate in the individual lines, the flow rate and the filling. In addition, any calculation errors on your part will be recognized and you will receive a message about this. Thus, the tool supports you ideally in every respect. At the same time, you first need the geometry and structure of the building to be processed to start planning. Since ArCADia drainage systems are an additional module for ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, the data and plans around the building are simply drawn from this. This is how the basis for a professional plan is laid.

In the further course it is also about the detailed planning and drawing including all elements. That is why the additional module provides you with an extensive catalog that contains all objects related to the drainage system. If the desired elements are not available despite numerous manufacturer catalogs, you can also expand your personal database. Alternatively, you can simply adapt the individual elements to your needs. These include, for example, locking valves, drainage points or cleaning and inspection openings, which are simply drawn in the plan. The materials and components that are required in the course of the virtual planning are also summarized in material lists. This makes the later implementation of the drainage system much easier, which is why the list can be imported in the .rtf or .csv formats. During the drawing of your system, the important points of the installation are automatically numbered, which improves the overview.

Once the plan for the drainage system is in place, the module will also help you with the presentation. That is why there are functions for designing cable cross-sections. You can also examine the installation in 3D mode.

In these cases ArCADia drainage systems are suitable

The software from ArCADia for everything to do with drainage systems is equally suitable for professionals and people who deal with this matter. The only requirement for this is the installation of the licensed ArCADia BIM 3D architect, as the additional module was designed for that software. The different tools make it possible to draw and display high-quality plans including the necessary schemes in no time at all. The flexibility within drainage systems is taken into account. In this sense, the program is suitable for planning installations for:

  • Sanitary sewage
  • Rainwater (especially important for roofs)
  • Industrial wastewater

User Guide

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