Additional module measurement (distance measurement)

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When planning and designing new building projects, there is a strong focus on building documentation. This is therefore necessary in many ways – all the better if you have a tool that makes it easier for you! Because with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you are already laying a good foundation for creating a comprehensive construction plan. Various additional modules make your work and the way to the realization of your building project even easier. This also applies to the additional module “Measurement”. In this case, all plans are precisely measured. The other way around, it is also possible for the rangefinder data to be entered manually and thus adopted by the program. As a result, the additional module cooperates directly with the measuring device via Bluetooth. This innovative approach saves an enormous amount of time in visualization and measurement. At the same time, you can also directly check allegedly incorrect measurements. By using the data and drawing of the building in 3D mode at the same time, you can, for example, immediately recognize incorrect results. In addition, it is also possible to simply enter the individual measuring device information by hand.

ArCADia allowance offers these functions

The additional module focuses on uncomplicated procedures and flexibility so that the construction documentation is taken over properly and in accordance with reality. Therefore, simply connect the ArCADia software to the range finder via Bluetooth. Now continue measuring the individual elements as usual. For example, measure the distances between two walls – the result is transferred directly to the software on the PC! The advantage here: The ArCADia BIM 3D software simply visualizes the building on the screen and you don’t have to do anything other than measure the rooms.

This must be taken into account when measuring

You must not be too far away from the PC so that everything works when the measurements are taken over. This is because the measuring device is connected via Bluetooth – the connection is disconnected at a greater distance. Alternatively, you can also enter the individual measured values ​​manually and the software will automatically build the building based on this data. Another point that must be observed when purchasing the ArCADia measurement add-on module: You must have a licensed version of the ArCADia BIM 3D architect. Because only then can the extensions be activated. Because of this diversity, the entire system around ArCADiA BIM is also recommended by the manufacturer of measuring devices “Leica”.

ArCADia extent at a glance

The most important points to be observed in summary around the additional module:

  • Measurement data from rangefinders are simply transferred wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • alternatively, you can simply enter the measurement data manually
  • the software directly creates rooms with the transferred results
  • You can easily move, arrange and connect the created rooms
  • the software is recommended by Leica and is compatible with the manufacturer’s range finders

User Guide

Download user manual for the additional module measurement:


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