The house is planned and your dream home is finally taking shape? Then it is now all about the stylish furnishing according to your taste. And this is important! Because you will not feel comfortable in the most beautiful house if you do not like the interior. For this reason, the right interior design planning is necessary. Because the most diverse pieces of furniture should by no means only fulfill functional aspects. Instead, much more is expected of the furniture today, which is why the new facility should also meet your requirements. Of course, this still includes functionality , but also aesthetics and flexible properties . Ultimately, the optical harmony and cosiness in your new home are only created through the right furnishings. And this is exactly what furniture you have planned yourself, which you can easily design with 3D CAD software, is suitable for.

Why should you plan furniture yourself?

If you are realizing your dream home, you want everything to go according to plan. With this in mind, you are investing a lot of time and effort in the project – so your well-being is worth a lot to you. With this in mind, the new facility should also be completely adapted to the needs of you and your family. But that’s not always that easy. Going to the furniture store and browsing from one compartment to the other takes a lot of time and energy. Two things that are never sufficiently available when planning a house. For this reason, you save a lot of time and effort with the individual planning of furniture, because the planning can be done conveniently from home . This allows you to try out a wide variety of concepts and find a style of living that meets your requirements. In the same way, you can set up the house plan with a high-quality 3D CAD software. This way you brought your project to life and thought ahead.
Once you have planned the furniture individually, you have already saved yourself a lot of time for decision-making in the furniture store. Because now you can either search for the planned furniture online or in a shop or even have it made by the carpenter and co.

Plan your furniture yourself: this is how it works

Of course, the idea of ​​planning your own furniture sounds interesting – but is it that easy to implement? Yes, because with the right 3D CAD software, even as a layperson, you can plan individual pieces of furniture .

However, your ideas come first, which is why you can also use paper and pencil here. Here you simply draw an approximate floor plan of the planned room and adjust the furniture in it. You can mark color elements with colored pencils, markers and the like. Of course, this only applies to large pieces of furniture, which actually influence the look. A red sofa can therefore be hatched in red.

Have you planned the facility or would you prefer to skip the hand-drawing part? Then you can also use 3D CAD software directly. In this you can usually select objects from finished catalogs and then adapt them to your taste. This means that you do not need any special talent and you do not have to familiarize yourself with the drawing. Instead, the elements are already prefabricated and only need to be individualized by you.

Everything you need to do this? An idea for your new interior! Then choose the color you want and, depending on the piece of furniture, adapt the material and hatching to your ideas.

Furniture planning with 3D CAD program explained step by step

Here we explain how you can plan and design furniture according to your taste using software. First of all, of course, you need the right 3D CAD program. However, once you have taken care of this, you can get started.

Step 1: Ideas

Before you start planning your furniture, you should already have a concept. If you just jump into the deep end, planning can take forever – and that was not the point. For this reason, sit down with your family and discuss the most important pieces of furniture and room ideas. Among other things, pay attention to the number of furniture and the products that are definitely needed. In the same way, note down the colors and living concepts that come into question. So you don’t have to have finished ideas ready, but you should already be heading for a line. Always pay attention to the floor plan of the respective room and always plan strategically. First and foremost, it is only about large pieces of furniture, but not about decorations, home textiles and Co. These are usually adapted to the main furniture.

Step 2: Can the ideas be implemented?

Before you transfer your ideas to the software and put a lot of work into it, question your ideas again. The dream of an XXL sofa simply cannot be fulfilled in a small living room. So go back to the amount of furniture and its size .

Step 3: Determine colors and materials

When planning furniture, you sometimes use an elimination process. So after you have subjected your ideas to a reality check in the second step, you can go into the details of your new interior. This applies to the colors, among other things, but also to the materials.

Particular attention must be paid to materials, especially for families with children, because this is also about the longevity of your new furniture. Nevertheless, the visual aspect should never be lost sight of. At the same time, you may strive for the individual production of your new furniture by the carpenter . In this case, you need to consider the type of wood. Softwood , such as spruce or poplar, can only be used to a limited extent for the processing of furniture. The medium-hard wood , such as that of beech, maple or pine, is much more flexible here. This is one of the most frequently used materials in the field of wooden furniture. However, if you want to use tropical woods , such as acacia or rosewood, you also have to rethink your budget. So here you have to ask yourself again whether the idea can be implemented at all, because hardwood is usually very expensive.

Step 4: the fine-tuning for your furniture ideas

Have you planned the number of furniture and also determined the shape, material and co? Then the only thing left to do now is to plan your new furniture in great detail. Here you can edit surfaces, hatching and textiles. In addition, any decorations and decors on your new furniture come into their own at this point. Here you can simply familiarize yourself with the selected 3D CAD program and exhaust your options.

Tip : With the diverse possibilities and options for furniture planning with software, the temptation is of course great to make everything better, bigger and more impressive. Do not forget, however, that the furniture should also be manufactured in the end. The more complex the production, the higher the costs. For this reason, it is important that you always keep an overview and that you do not go into all the details of your ideal ideas. Instead, it is advisable to find a middle, in which you combine furniture of lesser importance with lower material costs. It looks different, of course, if your budget is very high.

Once the planning is done, you can simply forward the plans to the carpenter you want. You can also use the plans you have created as a guide to search for a suitable interior in the furniture store . In this case, however, it is advisable not to go into too much detail when designing with 3D CAD software.