If the bathroom is not only used to meet your natural needs, but also sees it as an oasis of well-being in your own four walls, you should plan and furnish your bathroom yourself. After a long and busy day, this is a wonderful opportunity to relax and get rid of everyday stress. On the one hand, the bathroom must come up with functional furnishings – of course, the appearance must not be neglected either. In order to illuminate all aspects that make the bathroom one of the highlights of the house in every respect, the builder must consider various aspects.

This is how bathroom planning starts

Depending on whether the bathroom is to be completely redesigned when building a house or the existing bathroom is to be redesigned and furnished, the client should always take sufficient time for the planning. If you work under time pressure and are of the opinion that you have to get all the necessary work over the proverbial stage in record time, you will in most cases not achieve the desired result.

Time pressure during planning leads on the one hand to the stress level increasing unnecessarily and on the other hand to the fact that the work is not carried out on the necessary professional level. Naturally, water is handled in the bathroom, and electrics are also involved. This constellation can certainly lead to problems arising from the merging of these opposing elements.

In order to bring the work on a timeline, keeping a corresponding schedule has proven its worth. You can also set up break times here, for example. The respective effort for the planned work can usually not be determined exactly to the minute. In the following, various factors should therefore be explained how a schedule can be optimally organized.

  • Is it a single project or is it several to be implemented?
  • Is a fixed date planned for the bathroom to be completed?
  • Can you count on the help of third parties when carrying out the work?
  • Which special design features, such as accessibility, must be observed?
  • What are the delivery dates for the required material?
  • Do you have to rely on the punctuality of certain craftsmen?
  • Are alternatives planned if, for example, building material is delivered late?
  • Is there a time schedule for the respective tasks?

CAD Software is particularly efficient in bathroom planning

A bathroom should generally serve its owner well for many years. For this reason, it should be determined exactly at the planning stage which features of the bathroom should be in the foreground. For this purpose, the CAD software has proven itself excellently, with this bathroom planning can be implemented at a high level from the outset. The room design is visually excellent and clean work is also guaranteed when taking measurements. All bathroom elements can be placed in the desired location with a click of the mouse. At the same time, the imagination is sharpened in this way and other family members can also contribute their wishes and ideas to the planning – the family peace is thus preserved.

If it is a family bathroom, then it makes sense for everyone to sit down at the table to plan together. So everyone can incorporate their individual wishes into the project. Planning can be particularly effective if the elementary furnishings are first integrated into the planning. The question of the budget should also come up here. Because the best planning is doomed to failure if the desired elements cannot be implemented with the existing building budget.

As soon as all the required parameters have been recorded and suggestions have been made, the floor plan is planned using the CAD software. In this way, all suggestions and requests are presented transparently. Then the first draft of the future bathroom can be created together. Although the optimal solution for the new bathroom has now apparently been found, you should still sleep in it for a night or two. Under certain circumstances, third parties can also optimize the result.

This is how you can find the right materials and furnishings

As soon as it goes into the construction phase, materials and furnishings still have to be selected. Since the selection is huge, the decision-makers should go on a search together. A checklist can do an excellent job, because it ensures that a certain restriction can be made to the essentials.

The lighting

Incidence of daylight in connection with electrical lighting is an essential criterion in bathroom design. Although there will not always be natural incidence of light, a pleasant atmosphere can be achieved through direct and indirect lighting even without daylight. In order to rule out dangers, it must not be forgotten that all light sources are selected so that they are also suitable for damp and wet rooms.

The right tile

Although bathrooms are only half tiled these days
– one part is usually on the floor and one on the walls – the correct size ratio should still be observed and the color scheme should be taken into account. The joints are also of decisive importance here. If you are not entirely sure, you should take test tiles with you. These can be interpreted as an example and only then a final choice can be made.

Comfort as an elementary element

Especially when it comes to choosing furniture, you have to calculate a certain delivery time. When building a new house, it is therefore advisable to order the tiles early on. And of course, comfort shouldn’t be neglected – the days when the bathroom was whitewashed and planned completely without a living atmosphere are luckily over.

Don’t forget to plan for practicality

Anyone who wants to find out more about innovations is advised to visit a bathroom exhibition. There are an enormous number of current trends to marvel at here. From toilets to feel-good showers to innovations from the smart home sector, everything can be found here. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be blinded by the abundance of offers – the more technical the elements, the more difficult it is for one or the other family member to serve them. Another very important aspect when choosing current trends must also be seen in their ease of care.

Find the right partner for bathroom installation.

In-house work plays a key role in bathroom installation when it comes to keeping costs as low as possible. Many instructions can be found on YouTube, for example. Especially when it comes to laying tiles, a number of tutorials are quite informative. In this way, on the one hand, the budget is spared, because the so-called muscle mortgage can save quite a lot. On the other hand, the respective schedule for the planned work can be adhered to – if one is not dependent on external companies.

Even if you can do a lot on your own, with bathroom planning and installation, there are various jobs that have to be carried out professionally by experienced craftsmen. This includes, for example, the electrical installation and a lot that has to do with water and sewage technology. Here, attention should be paid to all work that is to be covered by insurance in the event of any damage – these usually only pay if damage can be proven to have occurred and was carried out by a certified specialist company. The same applies to damage to shower cubicles, bathtubs, etc., in the event of damage it must be proven that this was caused by a craft business despite professional installation. Therefore, the help of service providers should not be understood as an unnecessary investment, but as a sensible measure to help avoid future costs.

Bathroom furnishings as an important prerequisite for a feel-good atmosphere

The desired feel-good factor in bathroom furnishings can only be achieved with the right furnishings. This is the only way to create an atmosphere that makes all family members dream of a relaxed bathroom experience. However, so that the bathroom furniture actually arrives on the desired date, the delivery times of the dealers and specialist shops should be observed. Usually times of 2-5 weeks must be expected. If everything is right on time, in most cases it is no problem to complete the entire bathroom within one working day. If you want to assemble the furniture yourself, a set of Allen keys and a cordless screwdriver are welcome tools to speed up the process enormously.

Suitable dowels and a drill are also required if, for example, mirrors and cabinets are to be attached. Caution – it is essential to have the correct drill heads ready when drilling tiles. Corresponding sets are available in stationary retail as well as in the relevant internet shops. But even if you have the right equipment, you always have to pay attention to the correct drill bit. In this way, for example, the drill can be prevented from slipping and the joints are not drilled – this usually results in unsightly cracks. Even if these are not initially visible, moisture can penetrate – with the unsightly result of mold growth behind the material.

Incidentally, silicone helps to avoid fine hairline cracks, simply surround the drill hole with the silicone compound so that the tension can be pulled out, which minimizes the formation of cracks.

However, it is not just the furniture that must be suitable for wetness and humidity when furnishing the bathroom. When it comes to the decoration, it is essential to ensure that it is intended for damp rooms. Otherwise, decorative objects can quickly become a refuge for mold and bacteria – with the unsightly result that the joy of the new bathroom quickly turns into frustration. It is therefore advisable to only use decorative items in the bathroom that were actually created for it.

The barrier-free bathroom – think about tomorrow today

At a young age, getting older usually seems far, far away. Nevertheless, one can assume that at some point the time will come when accessibility in the bathroom will be very much appreciated. And for people with disabilities, the barrier-free bathroom is the ultimate. Nowadays, barrier-free bathroom planning is no longer a major problem. The possibilities are almost endless and there is actually no need to compromise when it comes to comfort and design.

Not to forget the potential sale of real estate – and even when renting out, accessibility is a factor that has a positive financial effect.