Half-timbered houses are mostly found in the country and impress with their traditional construction and carpentry, combined with modern comfort. The renovation of older half-timbered houses can be very time-consuming and costly. That is why it is often worthwhile to build a new half-timbered house.

What are the advantages of building a new half-timbered house?

If old half-timbered houses have to be renovated, this is not only associated with high costs, but often also with some bureaucratic hurdles. Since half-timbered houses are usually several decades old, it is important to adhere to the existing and monument protection laws. A lot of clarifications are necessary for this. The work is often very time-consuming as the older houses have low ceilings. This has to do with the fact that people used to be smaller than they are today. In order to bring the room dimensions up to today’s standard, walls have to be moved and ceilings raised.
To avoid these problems, it is a good idea to plan and build a half-timbered house yourself. Since the renovation of an existing half-timbered house can be very expensive, it is not necessarily more expensive to build your own half-timbered house right away. Often a new half-timbered house is erected even faster than an existing one is renovated.

Suitable construction companies

When looking for a suitable construction company, it should be ensured that they specialize in half-timbered houses. This is the only way to guarantee that the result meets both the visual and technical requirements and that suitable material is used. This task can take some time, but it should not be viewed as a bad investment. The time can be used to differentiate the construction plans, which can then be handed over to the construction company if the search is successful.

Despite the complexity, it is worth building a half-timbered house

At first glance, the construction of a half-timbered house seems more complex than another construction project, but this investment is still worthwhile. Because a half-timbered house not only impresses with its traditional look, but also offers a number of other advantages. The rooms of the houses are friendly and flooded with light and radiate a lot of charm with the visible beams.
Since half-timbered houses are mostly made from renewable raw materials, they are considered biologically healthy. The use of natural materials promotes a healthy indoor climate and healthy masonry.
The energy efficiency of these houses means that operating costs can be kept low and stable in the long term. Especially in times when the ecological perspective is very important for a building project, a half-timbered house impresses with its sustainability.

Important aspects in planning

The design of the spaces in a half-timbered house hardly differs from any other new building project. For example, there is the option of glazing large areas, adding a carport or garage, as well as a winter garden or balcony.
Half-timbered houses are particularly eye-catching because of their stable beam construction. This offers not only optical, but also static advantages. The stability of the half-timbered houses is not given by the many beams, but achieved by the minimalist use of beams. Traditionally, solid wood, mostly oak, is used to build half-timbered houses.

The new building as an alternative to the traditional half-timbered house

In terms of authenticity, builders often find it difficult to see new buildings as an alternative. But this is possible. Firms specializing in half-timbered houses offer a variety of original beams. Beams from older half-timbered houses can also be used. Many companies that specialize in the construction of half-timbered houses offer the possibility of reusing beams from previous demolished houses.
If the chosen construction company does not offer this service, it is possible to look for dealers of antique wood products. In addition to antique beams, these also offer other antique elements that are suitable for the new construction of a half-timbered house.
There is also the option of using the traditional construction method for roof construction. Originally, half-timbered houses were provided with a thatched roof, as can still be found today, especially in coastal regions. If the new building takes place in a region where thatched roofs are rather uncommon, a saddle roof with a tile roofing can alternatively be planned.

Combine tradition and modernity

The decision for a half-timbered house is often based on a love for traditional construction. However, the whole house does not have to be built in the traditional way. If, for example, the traditional strut windows are not popular, more modern windows can also be installed.
In a new building, a good mix between traditional, natural materials and modern comfort can be achieved. For the floor, for example, you can choose between natural stone floors, high-quality parquet or a plank floor. Modern stairs and doors, which are decorated with traditional carvings, also look beautiful. In order to illustrate a connection to the traditional roots, the date of construction can also be carved into the door beam of a new building.