Not only in the summer months is the perfect terrace a place where many people feel most comfortable. In Germany in particular, it is used in a variety of ways. Terraces are used to relax after a hard day’s work, as a dining room or as a place for private celebrations. The preferences differ in many ways. Classic or modern, wood or stone – today’s architecture enables almost everything your heart desires.

The planning and construction of this special place should therefore be done with the utmost care and dedication. With the 3D CAS terrace planner software, this can now be done easily and conveniently from home. It is used for the digital visualization of such a building project and leaves creative freedom to design individual ideas. The program stands for the best quality Made in Germany and was originally developed for planning entire buildings.

This enables a holistic design of the house, terrace and garden, in which you can assess your construction immediately in the right environment. A new terrace can therefore be planned in accordance with the sketch of the house and garden floor plan and perfected with the help of around 500,000 3D objects and around 1,800 2D objects. In this way there are countless possibilities that pave the way for you to the absolute dream terrace.

Step by step: How to create a harmonious house, terrace and garden

The 3D CAS terrace planner is indispensable as a tool for the individual planning of your new terrace. The software is easy to understand and will explain the facet of possibilities to you in a self-explanatory manner. As a first step, you can import pictures of the house and garden into the program. The terrace architect automatically converts your photos into a 3D model, which is then the basis of your planning. In accordance with the building standard of the house, realistic floor plans are created that allow your dream terrace to be designed individually.

With numerous tools and auxiliary objects, different designs, surfaces and constructions can now be created and adapted to your home. Different incidences of light show the new terrace at different times of the day and convey a realistic picture of the final implementation. In this context, the software serves on the one hand to turn existing ideas into reality, on the other hand it offers new creative approaches that will inspire you in your planning.

In this way, you will discover previously unknown possibilities that have been implemented directly from modern architecture and into the program. Together with your own visions, your individual dream terrace is created step by step in this way. The sketch you have created can then be discussed with an architect and ultimately represents the basis of the building to be finalized.

Get your dream terrace quickly and easily with the 3D CAS terrace planner

The software is used to fully design a new dream terrace in a realistic setting and will leave nothing to be desired. Assess in advance whether your new terrace will suit the house and the garden and discover innovative options for terrace construction. The times in which building projects are meticulously planned and in retrospect felt to be unsuitable for the respective environment are finally over with the 3D CAS terrace planner.