Every wine connoisseur and drinker dreams of their own wine cellar at home. Here you can store different vintages and special wines. Today you can fulfill your dream of having your own wine cellar at home, even if you only have a small cellar available. With air conditioning, you can also store your favorite wines or special vintages and fine wines in a simple room. It is even possible to have your own wine cellar in an apartment in the big city. The following text explains everything you need to know about wine cellars, the different options and sizes, and tips to keep in mind with a wine cellar.

Create optimal conditions

If you want to fulfill the dream of your own wine cellar, you should first and foremost pay attention to the equipment and the storage of the wines. It is important that sunlight does not shine in the wine cellar. Sunlight can have a detrimental effect on the taste and ripeness of wines. You should also make sure that the humidity and temperature in the room are constant. This is the only way to optimally store wines. Many wine cellars also have an area where the wine can be opened and tested. If you have a lot of space in your wine cellar, you can also set up a small wine corner where you can enjoy the wine with family and friends. When furnishing the wine cellar, also think about the ambience of the room. They not only want to enjoy their wine collection, they also want to present it. The room should amaze your guests. You can design your wine cellar in a number of ways. Let your creativity take over your mind and body.
On the Internet you will find numerous pictures of finished wine cellars that can serve as inspiration. You can also turn to experts here if you have any questions about wine cellars. The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect offers you another option, with which you can create your individually designed wine cellar.

What should you consider when implementing the wine cellar?

First and foremost, you need to get an overview of the situation in your home. What options do you have for building or converting a wine cellar? So you can z. B. convert a storage room into a wine cellar or you build the wine cellar from scratch. The simplest variant is to convert an existing room. If given the opportunity, consider installing spiral staircases typical of a wine cellar access. Of course, you can also choose to present your wine collection in front of a large wall in the living room. If you are looking to build your own wine cellar, you should seek the advice of an expert. They will then tell you what options you have for a wine cellar in your house or apartment.

Walls in the wine cellar

If you are going for a classic French style wine cellar, go for stone walls with a vault, which creates a nice contrast between the wine racks and the walls. Other materials are walls made of mortar or brick. Glass walls represent a new variant. Here you can control the temperature and humidity much better. In addition, glass walls create a special ambience.

Floor in the wine cellar

In order to create the right flair in the wine cellar, you should opt for oak boards or large stone slabs as the floor. A modern but expensive alternative is hardwood floorboards or marble slabs. Which floor you choose is entirely up to you. It is important that you use a material that does not emit any odor and thus can adulterate the aroma of the wines. When installing the floor, you should also make sure that no moisture can penetrate the room from below in order to prevent the formation of mold.

Storage facilities for wine bottles

To get an impression of the different storage options for wine bottles, you should look around the Internet. Here you will find a wide variety of ways in which you can store a wine bottle in a wine cellar. With the ArCADia BIM 3D architect software you can design a wine rack yourself and place it in the room. The practical thing about this software is that you can regularly review and adjust your design. So you can test different designs and shapes for wine racks and weigh up which storage option is suitable for your wine cellar.

Important tips

When planning a wine cellar, you need to consider the number of your wine bottles and the location where the wine cellar will be built. When choosing the wine racks, pay attention to the design of the room and match the floor and walls to the wine racks. This is how you create a wine cellar with character. When planning, also consider the lighting in the room. LED lights with indirect lighting create a unique atmosphere in the room.


How you want to create the ambience and decoration of your wine cellar depends on the style you choose, e.g. B. rustic, luxurious, modern, traditional or elegant. Large wooden doors and wooden floors and high ceilings with stone walls are ideal for a traditional and rustic wine cellar. Small shelves with integrated leather cushions for the wines and other matching accessories create an elegant and luxurious style in the wine cellar. Also, make sure that the lighting accentuates the ambience and style.
In addition to the wine racks and the appropriate decorations, you should also get enough wine glasses and other utensils that you need in a wine cellar. Many also use their wine cellar as a kind of art gallery. You can also put beautiful pictures or bookshelves in the wine cellar if it suits the ambience. It is important that you are comfortable in your own wine cellar.

The different styles

  • Classic style:
    The classic style is characterized by contemporary and traditional design elements, creating a modern and elegant ambience in the room. The walls are mostly made of bricks, the floor of hardwood planks or marble slabs and the wine racks also of stylish hardwood. The special thing about this style is that it is suitable for both large and small wine cellars. Many decorative objects or furniture can easily be combined with this style. A classic style is therefore suitable for a small apartment in the city as well as for large country houses.
  • Layered style:
    The multi-layered style is characterized by a modern design with different special vintages. So z. For example, the antique wooden wine rack can be combined with modern LED lights and other elements, creating a unique ambience in the room and combining it with other accessories and furniture.
  • Scandinavian style:
    The Scandinavian style is particularly suitable for larger wine cellars. This style is characterized by the typical half-timbered design and exudes an incredible calm. The floors are made of wood and the walls are kept in pleasant colors, creating a calm atmosphere. The wine bottles are stored on modern wooden shelves in a rustic design and create a modern look. Most of the time, the rooms are so large that you can still place appropriate furniture in the room to enjoy a glass of wine with friends or relatives

  • Industrial style:
    The industrial style scores with functionality and a rugged ambience in the room. Doors and tables made of metal and bricks give the room a unique industrial charm. You can store special vintages here. The special thing about this style is that you decide what you like. So you can also opt for an industrial style with a laboratory look. This style is also suitable for presenting and enjoying a wine.

What is the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect?

With the ArCADia BIM 3D architect software you can plan, design and draft your own wine cellar with the PC. The special thing about this software is that you get an impression of your planning and whether your ideas and wishes can be implemented at all. Various tools, furnishing and design elements and lighting effects are available for the design and creation, which you can test. The software is very easy to use and intuitive. With the 3D view, you even have the option of looking at your design from different angles. The program even simulates different times of the day with light effects.