Your car accompanies you every day through everyday life. It is clear that it also needs a suitable storage location. As a result, garages or carports are now even regarded as standard equipment in modern homes. No wonder, because the garage is not only practical for parking your car. In addition, it enriches the appearance of the building and serves as an extended storage room for all kinds of other items. This means that one or more garages can also significantly increase the value of your property. But even if you don’t ever plan to sell your own home, garage and co. Enrich your everyday life. In this way, you always ensure safety for your car and know that it cannot fall into the wrong hands. But not only strangers, but also wind and weather often cause problems for your vehicle. How nice is the thought of knowing your car is safe in every situation. In addition, the in-house garage also has numerous practical advantages. Because nothing is more annoying than when you have to spend hours looking for a suitable parking space after an already long day at work. In short: there are numerous good reasons to integrate a garage or carport into the planning of your new home. But building one or more garages can also be worthwhile as an extension. And how do you plan all of this? Quite simply with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect!

Avoiding mistakes when planning a garage or prefabricated garage

Basically, the construction of garages and the like is simple. Nevertheless, it is important that a few points are taken into account when planning. Only in this way is it also possible to prevent subsequent costs due to renovation work or errors that have to be avoided. The quality of your garage therefore begins with the planning. Before you invest high costs in meaningless constructs, we already offer you all tools from a single source with ArCADia BIM 3D Architects. By observing individual points and our tips, a lot of trouble can be avoided. All of this starts with the size of the garage. First and foremost, your car must find space in the new garage. However, if the size of your vehicle was not taken into account, the entire construction may have been in vain. In this case, further renovation work is required, which of course is associated with costs. First and foremost, it is therefore important that the dimensions of your vehicle including open doors and the like have been calculated. It should therefore be possible for you to get in and out of the garage with ease. In simplified terms, you can use the dimensions of common public parking spaces as a guide. If you use their dimensions, you are already assuming standard values. These are around 5 x 2.5 meters.

Our tip: Allow a few extra centimeters. Because it doesn’t always stay with a single car for a lifetime. Especially with new families and the like, you might switch to a larger model – now you also need more space in the garage!

Other mistakes that can be avoided by properly planning your new garage are poor driveway dimensions. It is therefore important that the way to the garage is easy and straightforward.

Another important point in the construction of garages is storage space. After all, the garage should not only be used for parking your car. It is just as important that you can use the garage as an extended storage room. On the one hand, there is space for old household items or even pieces of furniture. On the other hand, your accessories need space around the car as well. When planning your garage, you should therefore also consider storing tires or various tools.

Last but not least, your new garage cannot do without an appealing look. After all, it is visible to the naked eye and thus enriches your entire home. Accordingly, it is important that the garage fits your existing building, especially in the case of an extension. At the same time, not only the look, but also the associated functionalities are important in the design. Flat roofs in particular are very popular in modern homes. From a practical point of view, however, these have some drawbacks. Because in the construction of flat roofs, different systems for catching rainwater have to be considered. When it comes to the choice of materials, optics and personal taste should not be the only focus. While these are quite authoritative, don’t forget about the various benefits of different materials. The focus here is on steel structures on the one hand and concrete garages on the other. The former is particularly worthwhile with stand-alone assembly, as the individual elements are simply assembled to form a garage. With the classic concrete construction, in turn, robust and high-quality results are achieved. Here, however, you have to rely on the work of a professional. Because he will construct an individual garage with you and for you, which is precisely tailored to your needs. Our software is available to you to provide input in advance. Because the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect enables the gradual and high-quality planning and design of your new garage on your own.

Garage planning with the help of modern 3D CAD technology

The ideal garage is created at the planning stage. It is therefore important that you use high-quality software with numerous design options. Because only in this way can you pave the way to a high-quality garage that is convincing on all lines. Accordingly, the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect offers you all functions for extensive planning and design of your prefabricated garage. The focus is on the detailed design. By avoiding potential sources of error, you also save cash, because further improvement work becomes superfluous. With our software you can therefore easily plan your individual garage in 3D. But for that your house has to be on the screen. No problem! Because thanks to numerous innovations and a modern 3D core, the property including the building is displayed virtually. To do this, simply scan the construction plans of your house and the software will take care of the rest. You can then adapt your new garage to the building’s appearance. Then simply take a virtual tour of the planned garage. Thanks to the drawing according to building standards, the plans created with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architects can also be used for official applications.