Sport and fitness are extremely important for our health, especially when we sit at the desk in the office for most of the day and get very little exercise. In this case, sport is a very good balance. However, few of us have the time to go to the gym. You have your own fitness room, which you can design individually. So you can always train when you want and bring the fitness center home. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning your own fitness room. With the CAD software you can optimally plan and design the fitness room as you wish. The following text describes in more detail what you need to pay attention to when planning.

The right floor for your own fitness room

The most important factor to consider is not ventilation or acoustics, but the flooring. With the various fitness exercises, the floor has to withstand a lot and meet certain requirements. For training sessions that involve bouncing a lot or being otherwise active, consider soundproofing so that roommates in the house or your neighbors don’t complain. Soundproofing floor coverings can be purchased cheaply, so you don’t have to invest a lot of money. Since the “ home gym ” is becoming more and more popular, various companies and providers have also specialized in it. They offer you rubber floors that can be individually adapted to the dimensions of the room. The practical thing about it is that you can cut and lay the rubber floor yourself. The actual floor of the room does not have to be torn out. These rubber floors allow you to do your fitness exercises and the actual floor covering (e.g. parquet) is not damaged, which is very important for rental apartments. A square meter of rubber floor costs around 20 euros. When removing the rubber floor, residues could remain on the actual floor covering, which you then have to remove afterwards.

Advantages: Rubber floors are easy to care for, non-slip and inexpensive to buy.
Cons: Rubber floors are difficult to remove. The actual floor covering must be cleaned of residues afterwards.

An alternative to rubber floors are floor mats that you can place in the gym. Floor mats are not laid, but are primarily used to dampen noise during training. You will also find various providers where you can adapt and cut the floor mats to your needs.

Advantages: Floor mats are inexpensive and can be individually adapted to the ambience of the room. Floor mats can easily be removed.
Disadvantages: floor mats are not permanently installed.

Create the right conditions

It is important that you think about your workout before purchasing flooring. Which training equipment do you need and which workouts would you like to do? The fitness room should be set up and designed in such a way that you still have correction options afterwards. You have to create the optimal conditions for every workout. This is the only way to perform the exercises correctly and reduce the risk of injury. So be sure to install a mirror in the room. Here you can see yourself doing the exercises and react if you do an exercise incorrectly. No fitness trainer will point out wrong execution in your own fitness room. A mirror will also automatically make the room you are exercising in appear larger. The practical thing is that many “ home gym ” providers offer combinations of mirrors and fitness equipment that visually match each other. So the large mirror will also match the rest of your equipment. When assembling the mirror, you should make sure that it is firmly attached to a wall so that the mirror cannot fall over under any circumstances.

Set up fitness equipment correctly

To set up the fitness room, you have to buy the right equipment. Your wishes and ideas about the training are extremely important here. Treadmills, exercise bikes or steppers are suitable for extensive endurance training. It is better to opt for a high-quality, high-quality device that will stand firmly on the flooring. The stepper or treadmill will not leave any marks through the rubber floor or floor mat. However, endurance training (cardio training) is not everything. You should opt for a combination of strength and endurance training. Endurance training is used to keep fit, burn calories and do something for your cardiovascular system. With strength training, you can effectively build muscle and strengthen your muscle groups. It is important that you pay attention to your weight class when choosing weight equipment. You always have to consider the weight of the devices. So always pay attention to the load when buying. With the weight machines, you should be able to do exercises for your back, chest, shoulders, arms and stomach. You will quickly find that high-quality strength equipment can be expensive. For a start, it is enough to look around for a used model that of course meets your requirements and ideas.

Well-being is very important

You should design your own fitness room so that you can do all of your workouts and be comfortable at the same time. So set up the room the way you like it. It is then not a fitness room with equipment, but your own ” home gym ” that you have put together yourself. Anyone who has ever been to a gym alone knows the feeling of freedom when you’re the only one in the gym. In your own fitness room you only have this feeling, which will increase your performance even further. You can make further adjustments to the room so that you feel even more comfortable in your own little ” home gym ”. Install a small music system so that you can listen to the right music while exercising. Long cardio units on the treadmill or the home bike are never boring. Of course, you should also ensure the necessary ventilation in the room. Rooms with two windows are best. Alternatively, if your gym is in the basement, you can buy an air purifier. So the stale air is always exchanged. You can also put plants in the room to enhance the ambience. Hooks for towels are also useful. Other accessories for a home gym would be dumbbells, fitness bands or an abdominal trainer (ab roller).