If you are planning your dream home or if your apartment is to be converted, you would of course want to configure every detail to your needs, requirements and your taste. You wander from room to room planning and looking for the best solutions for functionality and aesthetics. The hallway plays an important part here. Because this usually also forms the entrance area and thus contributes significantly to the first impression of your home. At the same time, the corridor also connects all the rooms with one another and this alone deserves more attention in planning and design. But it is precisely this that is often not given enough attention at the expense of aesthetics. However, if you want to create an all-round comfortable and stylish home, the planning of your hall is also required. Because here, too, a wide variety of living concepts and designs can be cleverly used.

Time for ideas: that has to be considered before planning

It is well known that tastes are different. In addition, the hallway is often used differently, which is why you should be clear about the purpose in advance. So define the concept and style that you want to achieve with the hallway. Perhaps you’d like the hallway to take some of the load off other rooms? This is possible by moving different pieces of furniture. For example, you can move a console or side tables from the living room to the hallway. This not only relieves the room, but also makes the home more comfortable. But also the individual design with matching hall furniture is possible here. V itrine, side table, mirror or cloakroom , for example if there is no actual anteroom, are particularly suitable in the hallway. This is of course rounded off by the right home textiles. In addition, you can simply design the hallway to be functional.

Once you have defined your ideas and goals, you can start planning. Here, 3D architecture software is particularly suitable, with which you can design your project down to the last detail.

Various design options for the hallway

When it comes to the design of your hallway, there are far more variations available than you thought. So you can use the hallway, for example:

  • as a cloakroom : As a rule, the hallway connects the anteroom and other rooms. Under certain circumstances, however, there is no vestibule and you are right on the hall when you enter your home. In this case, it stands to reason that you use it as a cloakroom. So it takes on the functions of the anteroom. You can use prefabricated cloakroom furniture, for example. However, this is primarily suitable for wide aisles. Otherwise, use flexible and multifunctional pieces of furniture, such as a bench with a shoe rack. Chests are also used here, which provide a stylish highlight and at the same time can be used flexibly. If the space does not allow otherwise, just install hanging rails for jackets and Co. Under certain circumstances, there is also space for a small armchair, which gives the first feeling of homeliness as soon as you enter your home.
  • for working : Flexible furnishing ideas are required in the modern living concept. Especially in the case of a large family or if there is insufficient space, you want to make optimal use of every corner. In this sense, the hallway is also used and thus serves as an extended space – for example for work! Because unless you work exclusively in the home office, the corridor is also ideal for creating a work area. If you also have a quiet corner in this, in which you can work concentrated, nothing stands in the way of the complete home office. Narrow desks can also be used here, while you can always move the office armchair flexibly, for example. Alternatively, you can simply use an exercise ball to sit down – this ensures ergonomics in the workplace.
  • as a creative space for your children : Children can take up a lot of space. Many children in particular would like to take up the entire living space. With this in mind, you are always looking for more space for your children to play and have fun. This is exactly where the hallway comes in. Because even this can easily be converted into a creative corner for the youngsters. Similar to a desk, there is space here, for example, for small work tables and boxes filled with handicraft materials. This is particularly suitable when the actual children’s room is small. So before the living room is affected by blobs of paint, glue and the like, a handicraft corner in the hallway makes far more sense. There are a few points to note here, because after all, you don’t want any splashes of paint on the wall in the hallway. In this sense, foils or panels are ideally suited for wall cladding. On the floor, you can again rely on washable carpets.
  • for plants : Plants enliven the room atmosphere, ensure good air and make the entire home more homely. With that in mind, you don’t want to go without a few crops. At the same time, of course, they take up space, while indoor plants in particular increase in height over the years. This means that you can also move your plants in the hallway. This is particularly suitable if your home has neither a balcony nor a terrace. However, it should always be noted that you cannot of course keep all plants in the dark hallway. Therefore, find out about the needs of the plant in advance and arrange them in the hallway as a result.

This should be taken into account when designing your hallway

Depending on what you are using the hallway for, there are of course a few things to consider. This is especially true if you want to use the aisle for plants or as a creative corner for your children. Because the environment should of course not be affected here, which is why the appropriate precautions are important. This applies in particular to the walls and the floor covering.

Because both plants and children are not infrequently responsible for a lot of dirt. So that it does not leave any lasting traces, prepare the hallway for use in advance. Foils , which you can simply attach to the wall, are always ideal here. This also gives you more design freedom. Because foils are a simple option for applying all kinds of designs to the wall in no time at all. But innovative wall paints , for example made of latex, which can also be easily wiped off, are ideal here. You can also rely on avant-garde elements, where wooden strips or stone walls are used.

When it comes to arranging plants, you can also use wall brackets. You can easily attach indoor plants, herbs and the like in these. Incidentally, this is also suitable for pet owners. Because if the plants are placed high up, they cannot be nibbled on. Nevertheless, it is generally not advisable to purchase poisonous plants. Simply use pallets for this, which you mount on the wall. In turn, soil can be poured into the individual grooves of the pallet. This gives you extensive design options. Because theoretically you can equip the entire wall with pallets and make the home area greener. So that these don’t look too opulent in the end, you can simply make them a little friendlier. Here, paints and varnish are used, with which you simply paint the pallets. You can also arrange flowers here and there. However, since there is unlikely to be a lot of sunlight in your hallway, artificial flowers may be more appropriate. Another alternative would be dried flowers, such as lavender, which you simply place in the grooves of the pallets.