For restful sleep – plan the furnishings for the bedroom yourself

For many, the bedroom is the most important retreat in their own home. After all, a restful sleep is important in order to be able to cope with everyday life and start the day with new strength. The bedroom is the room in which the stress of everyday life should be able to fall away and you can relax completely. It is therefore important that the bedroom is optimally designed and furnished to meet your own needs. When planning, there are some essential aspects to consider that not only affect the appearance of the room, but also the quality of sleep.

What tasks should the room fulfill?

Sure, sleeping is the main use of any bedroom, but sometimes this room has to do several things at the same time. The planning must be adapted to the layout of the room and the room layout as well as to the individual needs . The first thing that should be clarified is whether the room should only be used for sleeping or whether it will also take on other functions. In some cases, for example, the bedroom also needs to serve as an office or as a storage space for all sorts of things. Once this question has been clarified, you can communicate your ideas about furnishing and design. A floor plan of the room is of course very helpful when planning. So all the ideas you have can be sketched in the room and you get an approximate idea of ​​the finished room. It makes sense to clearly separate the sleeping area from other areas so as not to disturb the sleeping function of the bedroom. This type of planning certainly takes time, but it is definitely worth investing this time.

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom – the bed

The bed is of course the focal point of the bedroom . You shouldn’t skimp on this, after all, it should ensure a good night’s sleep and beautiful dreams. It is not just a matter of the model and the mattresses, but also of the right space in the room. The bed should be freely accessible and nothing should block the way to the door. in this way, going to the bathroom at night does not turn into an obstacle course. The natural lighting conditions in the room should also be included in the planning. The windows should possibly be provided with roller blinds or blackout curtains. This makes it possible to block out daylight and to be able to sleep long enough in the morning. The size of the bed should also be well chosen. When choosing a bed, not only the look should be decisive, but also important aspects such as entry height or cleaning options. People with back problems or tall people usually find the entry height of box spring beds very comfortable. In addition, these beds offer a very high level of sleeping comfort. Box spring beds are not always suitable for allergy sufferers, as they can only be cleaned with steam to a limited extent. Conventional bed frames are easy to clean, but are usually only available in stores in low heights. Once the right bed frame has been found, the next step is to select the optimal mattresses . A sub-optimal mattress can lead to back, neck and hip pain. But migraines or general malaise are also often triggered by a bad position on the wrong mattress.

How much storage space does the bedroom have to offer?

The bedroom should contain little distraction and clutter so that you can come to rest and relax in the best possible way after a long day. In the subconscious, this can negatively affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, when planning the bedroom, enough storage space should not be forgotten. A large wardrobe makes the room look tidy. Chests of drawers are also very suitable for storage space in the bedroom. In small rooms, the space under the bed can be used to store things that are not used that often. There are boxes with castors or bed frames with built-in shelves for this purpose. For rooms with sloping ceilings or unusual dimensions, specially made furniture by a specialist is ideal in order to make the best possible use of the available space and to obtain sufficient storage space. If you compare the offers of different providers and use possible discounts or vouchers, even the custom-made variant does not necessarily have to be more expensive than off-the-peg furniture.

Bedroom with or without technology?

According to the latest findings, the radiation from electrical devices has a significant influence on the quality of sleep . It is also harder to leave the stress of everyday life behind when social interaction and electronic entertainment are constantly available. For these reasons, experts are increasingly recommending converting the bedroom into a technology-free zone . This gives the brain enough time to process everyday experiences. Studies show that people who use the time before going to sleep to read or talk to their partner instead of watching TV sleep better and wake up more refreshed. If you have trouble getting to sleep without the background noise of the television, you can try audio books as an alternative. As a result, multiple senses are not used and the quality of sleep can be increased.