Many homeowners prefer to lend a hand when renovating and, for example, redesigning the outdated toilet on their own. Whether you are a talented do-it-yourselfer or have little experience, a little help with planning is never wrong. With the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you can easily plan your building project yourself down to the smallest detail. The extensive 3D planning program supports you in your planning phase. This also applies to larger projects for which you would otherwise have to hire an architect.

The CAD program has a simple structure, has intuitive controls and was specially developed for private builders. Do-it-yourselfers can get a detailed picture of what the finished object will look like before construction begins. Use the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect to implement all your ideas. The planning phase becomes child’s play and you will not experience any unpleasant surprises because you can enter the rooms virtually in advance.

What are the advantages of the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect?

With this software you get a tool that actively supports you in planning. You will immediately receive results that even laypeople can use straight away. The CAD software translates your wishes and ideas into an authentic 3D image, which means that errors or inconsistencies in the planning can be easily identified and eliminated before construction begins. The planning software can also be used by beginners without any prior knowledge. The intuitive user interface gives you quick access to the functions of the program and allows you to incorporate your own ideas into the work of the architect.

In this way, you can actively participate in the planning from the very first moment. In no time at all, you can get an idea of ​​what the toilet you want to design yourself will look like in the end. In this way you maximize your planning security and avoid avoidable errors, which would otherwise cost you a lot of time and effort to correct.

ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is the 3D planning software for everyone

Thanks to its simple structure, this CAD 3D software is suitable for absolutely everyone. This gives you the opportunity to plan yourself from the comfort of your own home. The best thing is that you can take a detailed look at your finished toilet system even before you commission a construction company or even pick up the first tool yourself.

The 3D images are so authentic that you can turn your wishes into reality directly on the PC. The exact picture also helps construction companies that you use to implement the project. Just give us a call if you would like personal advice.