A terrace creates an oasis to linger and is one of the most popular elements of a construction project. A roof terrace in particular creates a place to withdraw, with a fantastic view over your residential area and privacy from other neighbors. On your roof terrace you can drink a glass of wine or a cool bottle of beer in the evening, enjoy the clear starry sky and let the evening fade away.

So that your new roof terrace is exactly what you want it to be, there is nothing easier than designing it yourself. Use the 3D CAD software and plan and design your new oasis of wellbeing today! With this option, you play it safe and can easily implement your own ideas.

Do I need previous knowledge of the software to design my roof terrace?

The 3D CAD software is particularly suitable for beginners and those who spend little time on the computer. You do not need any previous knowledge or special know-how to be able to realize your dream of a roof terrace. Your new oasis of wellbeing is created with just a few clicks of the mouse. With the 3D tool you can see directly what the roof terrace could look like and you can adapt and configure it according to your individual wishes.

Can I only plan a roof terrace for a new building?

You can of course include a roof terrace in the planning of your new building project . On the other hand, it is also possible to add a roof terrace to an existing property .

How do I plan my roof terrace with the 3D CAD software?

For the planning and design of your roof terrace, use the 3D CAD software floor plans , which correspond to the German standards. With a wide range of tools and tools, you can add a roof terrace to your construction project in just a few clicks of the mouse. Do you work with an architect? Wonderful – use the 3D CAD software to discuss and implement your ideas together with the architect. Your architect can give you comprehensive and professional advice on the statics and implementation of your roof terrace.

The first step is to measure the area of ​​your roof. This serves as the basis for planning your roof terrace. Make sure to exact measurement . Use the 2D view of the 3D CAD software for this. It enables a neat and precise drawing of the floor plan and is also called construction mode.

Do you already have a floor plan of your roof? Then you can easily import it into the 3D CAD software and save yourself the time of drawing a new floor plan. An image file is sufficient for importing the floor plan. The image file is inserted and then processed. After processing, all possible functions for designing your roof terrace are available to you.
If you do not yet have a floor plan, you can create one yourself in just a few steps. Measure your floor plan precisely and transfer these dimensions to the 3D CAD software. With drawn auxiliary lines, you can create the floor plan with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can then integrate your planned roof terrace into the floor plan and start designing.

Do I need the 2D or 3D view for the design of the roof terrace?

The 3D CAD software offers you both a 2D and a 3D view. These offer different advantages.
The 2D view is particularly advantageous when planning and constructing your roof terrace. A drawing can be created more easily in 2D mode than in 3D view. The 3D view in turn gives you a more realistic impression of what your roof terrace might look like. This way you can better imagine whether your ideas will work in the same way in reality as they did in planning.

How do I design the roof terrace with the 3D CAD software?

After planning and creating the floor plan, you can design your roof terrace according to your individual wishes and ideas. The 3D CAD software provides you with over 500,000 objects that you can select as you wish and use for your building project. With this selection, your wishes and ideas become realistic. Each roof terrace is unique in its appearance and character and fits the associated building.
When designing the roof terrace, you can choose between different furniture and accessories. But the selection of coverings as well as different colors and textures is enormous. From a Nordic country house style to a roof terrace with a southern flair or with an Asian touch, everything is possible. It left nothing to be desired.

Give it a try yourself and design your new oasis of well-being with just a few clicks.
If you have any questions or need support, our numerous video instructions will help you. Our customer service is also available to you at any time.