The construction of a house, a new roof structure or even a simple carport with a roof require professional help and can be a great challenge for laypeople. What should the roof for the house or carport look like? Which roof structure fits the house? Where should the carport be set up? In addition, the new structure should look good and have a modern design. On the other hand, it must of course also be statically tested, perfectly measured and constructed from the right material. This is hardly possible without specialists like civil engineers, architects and carpenters. The 3D CAD software offers help with planning or carports – building owners as well as budding civil engineers and architects.

Put different roofs on the 3D model of your own house

First, the building that is to be given a new roof is displayed three-dimensionally using the software. Thanks to the simple operation, the house can then be rotated using the mouse or keyboard and thus viewed from all sides. No corner remains hidden and the new roof can be planned down to the smallest detail.
The software is therefore not only of great help for building owners who are not familiar with the construction of a roof structure, but also civil engineers and architects benefit from the 3D CAD software. A new roof structure can be erected virtually on the building in next to no time. Different roof shapes and materials can be tried out and ensure that a suitable roof structure is found.

Local conditions and personal wishes of the client can be easily integrated into the plan

Additional functions and tools of the 3D CAD software ensure that the respective roof structure can be adapted to the local conditions that affect the building. In this way, certain weather conditions, but also earthquake risks, can be included in the planning of the new roof or carport. The same applies to the client’s personal wishes, such as the desire for more storage space in the new roof structure. These can also be easily added using the 3D CAD software.

As soon as the perfect roof structure is virtually in place, the plans can easily be saved. They can now be passed on to a professional and processed further.