Anyone planning renovation work on their own home can prepare for it with new software. The planning program ArCADia BIM 3D Architect makes it possible to visualize complete 2D floor plans without prior knowledge and to record them according to German standards. In addition, you can implement all planning as a freely accessible and photo-realistic 3D model. In this way you increase the clarity and the level of detail in your planning. In the following you will learn more about the advantages of new planning software.

Planning software with intelligent functions

Modern planning software uses thousands of standard-compliant 2D objects and several million 3D objects for visualization. On this basis, you can create complete floor plans quickly and intuitively. You can plan all living areas and rooms in the building down to the last detail and design and furnish them according to your individual ideas. The simple construction mode ensures that you can plan conversions precisely and completely even without prior knowledge of architecture and planning software. In addition, a comprehensive and competent support offer is available for the software.

Integrated 3D objects

The powerful integrated 3D objects are a highlight of modern planning software. You can edit these as required and create individual components in this way. With just a few clicks you can design, edit and place components such as doors, windows, walls, terraces, recesses, carports, garages, roofs and balconies.

Create detailed floor plans in minutes

Modern planning software also makes the drawing of floor plans much easier. With a 3D conversion planner, you have the option of importing existing floor plans from building drawings or other architecture programs and revising them for your own project. New floor plans can also be created with just a few clicks. With the intelligent lines, every wall can be precisely designed and placed. Deviations and overlaps are automatically recognized and corrected by the program. Countless auxiliary functions make drawing and planning easier. The professional and clear floor plan also includes sanitary facilities, electrical installations and the heating system. Each floor, including the attic and basement, can be planned in great detail. You can simply copy walls from other floors and paste them elsewhere.

Simultaneous renovation planning in 2D and 3D

With modern planning programs you can plan renovation projects simultaneously in two and three dimensions. Each component is automatically displayed as a photo-realistic three-dimensional model by the program. 2D and 3D modes are freely controllable and can be viewed in detail by zooming in. You can adjust all dimensions at any time using the online matrix. You can also show and hide elements with a click of the mouse. You can see all renovation work from the side view as well as from a bird’s eye view.

Adjustments and changes with just a few clicks of the mouse

You can adjust the materials, sizes and shapes of components with just a few clicks of the mouse. Thousands of materials, surfaces and textures are available to you in a material catalog. You can use these freely and combine them as you wish. You can test the modern planning program for modifications ArCADia BIM 3D Architect for five days free of charge and without obligation.