Nice and useful: design your own garden house as you wish!

Every year, nature lures garden lovers into the open air. Sunshine, flowers and the chirping of birds invite you to stay and work outdoors. Here you can relax and free your mind from stress and everyday worries. A garden owner invests a lot of love and time in the design and maintenance of the garden. Here you want to feel good, enjoy your free time and spend as much of it as possible here.

For many, therefore, the perfect garden also includes a beautiful garden house . It should be as beautiful and practical as possible and suit the garden and gardener. Unfortunately, this request is not always easy to fulfill, because which finished garden house already fully meets your own wishes and needs ? After all, everyone has their own ideas of the perfect garden house. Some would like a place to sleep there so that they can rest and maybe spend the night. Another really wants to be able to shower after gardening. A third would like to be able to process and cook what has been harvested in the garden right away.

But how do you find a garden house that also fulfills all individual wishes? It would be best if you could design it yourself right away. And in fact, this is also very easy for laypeople. With the right software, everyone can virtually design and design their garden house step by step on their own PC and ultimately even implement it in reality. This is how the dream of the perfect garden house can come true!

It all starts with the floor plan

The basis of any good planning is a carefully considered floor plan. Before starting to plan all the details lovingly, it must be determined which space the house should take, which basic shape and which room layout it should have. All further planning is based on the floor plan.

Accordingly, good thinking and dimensional accuracy are required here in order to avoid planning errors. Is there enough space for the garden tools? Do i need a shower? How much space is the sleeping place likely to take up? With the Plan7BIM software you have the opportunity to plan and think in peace and get helpful tips for all planning steps .

Doors, windows and walls get their place

The next step in planning is the rough details. Should a large room be designed? Or should niches through walls abgetrennt sein? Where would doors be sensibly placed? How many and how big windows do I want?
Materials and colors also need to be carefully considered, because investing in your own perfect garden shed should give pleasure for a long time.

The software will also help you in this step with information and tips. For example, the program indicates any static problems and makes useful suggestions for changes. The architecture software can also support their creativity and inspire them with additional ideas. How about, for example, a terrace on the garden house?
Here you can try out and redesign to your heart’s content until the result corresponds to your own wishes!

A roof also belongs on the house

No garden shed without a roof. And the roof in particular has an enormous impact on the properties and the overall visual effect of the house. Here, too, there are many different design options , so that the choice has to be carefully considered. Should it be a flat roof covered with roofing felt? Or a shingle-roofed pitched roof from which rainwater can be collected for the garden? What properties should the roof have? What is the visual effect and does it fit in with the overall picture? Perhaps a chimney is also planned, which could make a chimney necessary.
Here, too, the software helps you to make the right choice and to design everything according to your needs.

Make the interior beautiful and practical

Once the basic model has been created, the high point of planning comes for many, because now all the loving details can be designed. Finally the interior can be furnished! The software offers you countless possibilities and there are hardly any limits to your imagination.

Place colors, floor coverings and furnishings in each room . The range also offers numerous design options for outside . A large number of different furnishing objects are available in the program and can be placed in your planning. You can constantly make changes and save your plans separately to compare and try out how something works. The spatial representation gives you a good impression of the effect of your planning. Feel free to experiment a little! Then, when you turn your planning into a reality, you can be sure that it will be what you want.

Working with groups and layers

As you work with the software, you will find that the work through the program is divided into levels and groups t, in which different steps can be accessed. This also allows you to make changes afterwards and gives you the opportunity to compare different ideas .
This simple, clear structure enables even laypeople not to lose track of things even with complex planning. Even beginners can therefore easily plan and implement their garden shed with the software!

Work clearly in 2D and realistic representation in 3D

The program combines the advantages of different viewing options . The clearly designed 2D view is particularly suitable for editing. Placing and designing is particularly easy here. If you would like to get a detailed impression of the effect of your design, simply switch to the realistic 3D view . Here you can view everything extensively in a spatial, detailed representation and get an idea of ​​the later effect. This gives you more planning security and fun with planning!

Switching between the views is easy and uncomplicated and is ideal for design work. Planning will be easy for you and will be a pleasure!

Help is available when you need it

Today you no longer need an architect to design and create your own garden house. This saves you a lot of money and you don’t have to let anyone influence your ideas. You have no pressure to make decisions or time. Plan individually and as quickly or slowly and in detail as you want.
The program is designed in such a way that even laypeople can work with it without any problems and with pleasure. If you run out of ideas, it can also be helpful with additional inspiration , for example by offering furnishing suggestions.
However, should difficulties or questions arise, you will find help at our Support . If you have any questions or problems regarding the software and working with it, the support team will help you with advice and tips and support you with operating problems and difficulties so that there is no unnecessary frustration.

You also have the opportunity to look for lots of great inspiration on the Internet. You will find lots of great ideas through search engines and social networks that can inspire your creativity if you don’t know what to do yourself. Planning with the software comfortably at home on your own PC gives you the time and peace you need for this. Nobody can “talk” you into something or press you to make a decision.

The Plan7BIM enables detailed planning of garden houses, but also apartments and entire houses can be designed and designed with the software. The program works with realizable German building standards. The latest version even allows planning of constructions made of wood . This means that even larger wooden garden houses are no problem.

Your plans are not limited to the virtual world, but can be implemented in real life . You can create construction plans with all the necessary requirements and use them for your building application. Planning, approving and actually building are possible with this software.

Errors or imperfections in the design are automatically displayed. There are a multitude of options to customize and design every detail as you wish. The planning is carried out comprehensively. Starting with the floor plan and foundation, through rooms and walls, roof, doors and windows, carport or shed, to furnishing the house and the outside area , everything can be individually thought out and designed.

Can I, as a layperson, use the 3D CAD garden house configurator correctly?

The software was specially developed for laypeople and inexperienced users. Therefore no special previous knowledge or experience is necessary to work with it successfully.
The user interface is clear and functional . You don’t have to search for a long time or try around, all tools and functions are simply listed.

You can try everything and simply make changes in your planning if something does not meet your expectations. You have time and peace to implement your very own ideas. From the simple and practical garden shed to the comfortable, large garden shed, everything is possible.

You do not need to have any concerns about the feasibility of your planned object, because the program will help you with all critical questions and will point out errors and problems with construction and statics .
On Youtube and Vimeo you will find video instructions that explain the step-by-step introduction to the program. You will also find inspiration and further ideas in our gallery. If there are any problems using the software or questions about the software, our support team is at your disposal.

The garden house configurator is quick, uncomplicated and environmentally friendly available as a download so that you can start planning right away. For a small surcharge, the program can also be ordered as a DVD .
After purchase, support and all-round service are completely free of charge for you . You can also use the forum for exchanging ideas with other users . There you will find a lot more advice, tips and ideas for planning and working with the software.

Perhaps you have already worked with an architect or with the help of planning software on the planning of a house. Now you would like to plan your garden house virtually and have the opportunity to view it in 3D beforehand. This is not a problem with the 3D CAD software. In 2D and 3D views, you can plan everything as you wish, make changes at any time and view the simulation of your planning, just like with professional software.

How does the garden house planning work with the Plan7BIM?

Only in the Professional version of the Plan7BIM are wooden constructions, as they are normally used for garden houses, possible. In our version comparison you will find the professional version with all the necessary information.
As soon as the software has been downloaded and installed, you can start planning your individual garden house. Step by step, from the floor plan to the furnishings, the program will guide you through the planning process. There are hardly any limits to your wishes and ideas. You can save individual planning steps, compare versions and make changes at any time until you get to your personal, feasible construction plan . This corresponds to the German building standards and can therefore also be used for the building application.

Will I have difficulties working with the software?

Actually, working with the 3D CAD software should be possible without any problems and not cause you any problems. It is designed for planning beginners who have no prior knowledge or experience and still offers planning options with professional quality . On our website you will find instructions as text or video , which will make it easier for you to get started with the program. Step by step all functions are explained there. In the tutorial category you will find an overview of the instructions.

You can also find help, tips and information when you talk to other users in the forum or when you contact our competent support team. The program itself also helps you with useful tips and suggestions and automatically detects planning errors.

Working with the program is therefore easy for everyone and makes planning your very own garden house a passionate pleasure !