The “Plan7BIM ” software promises comprehensive planning and visualization of the new carport without the need for prior knowledge. The Plan7BIM combines all the important tools and design options for designing your own carport on the PC. No previous knowledge is required for this, as operation is child’s play and supported by intelligent functions. The result is in no way inferior to that of a professional design .
In general, building a carport is a inexpensive alternative to a conventional garage. Some reasons for this are the more individual planning as well as the better adaptability to the local conditions.

The Plan7BIM program ensures simple operation . The user interface is user-friendly and has numerous design options and functions. As part of the design, you can choose whether you want to work in the 2D view or in the 3D mode . The 3D editors are particularly powerful, so that a very precise and clear configuration of the individual elements such as the windows, doors, walls and the roof is possible.

Quick and easy: The environment design

So that you can see how the carport fits into the local conditions , you can easily implement objects such as your garden, surrounding houses, terraces or pool areas in the view. The specially developed programming import helps you to achieve this in easy steps and simulates the objects.
Overall, the entire environment can be shown very real, so that not only the objects are shown, but also incidence of light and shadows can be identified. In the end, the display is almost perfectly like a photo view. However, the 3D function has the advantage that a virtual tour is also possible. So you can look closely at all the details or see them in close-up. The greatest possible comparison with reality can be achieved by using an import function to insert image files that correspond to the natural background . You can see what the end product will look like while processing.

Implementation of individual planning and design

The sophisticated planning software gives you the opportunity to design your carport according to your own wishes . This starts with the specification of the dimensions , up to the desired shape, the height and the selection of the appropriate materials and the surface design. You can use Search a database with over 500,000 current 3D objects for the right carport and adapt it with the help of thousands of different components . The same applies to the choice of surfaces , patterns or textures.
In search of the right material, you can search through the specially created material catalog . Here you will find different types of wood and other materials. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, there is also the option of importing the materials from your performance.

As far as the nature of the size is concerned, you have the option of having everything displayed in height and width optimized via the software’s user interface. So your new carport can be adapted to the needs of the vehicle and you will find the right size for a car as well as a motorcycle or a mobile home.
If you are in the simplified construction mode, then a repositioning of the carport is possible at any time without any problems. The carport can be planned to be free-standing or as an extension to a house wall. It is also possible to deal with fluctuating level heights or to erect new walls. Here you have every opportunity to integrate the new carport into the existing environment in the best possible way.

Try the test version of the carport software for 14 days now

You have the option to test the carport software freely for a period of 14 days and if you do not like it, to return it without any further consequences. You have a 14-day right of withdrawal available for this. You can use and try out all functions during the trial period. By purchasing the software, you not only get access to the functions described, but you are also connected to a support team , which will take care of your concerns free of charge. You will also find extensive instructions and tutorials on YouTube for a better understanding of the application.

In general, building a carport gives you an inexpensive alternative to a garage. Many of the advantages of a garage can also be replaced by a carport. The vehicle stands here wind and water protected and is also well protected from intense sunlight . In contrast to the garage, the air can circulate here. This means that a wet vehicle dries better. There is also protection against falling branches or tree fruits such as chestnuts, which would damage the paint. Bird droppings are also kept away from the paintwork.

Easiest self-assembly

In order to build a carport, you don’t necessarily need a specialist company to take over it. prefabricated kits are available online or in specialist stores, which you can easily assemble yourself. For this it is only necessary that so-called post shoes are poured and concreted in, which are used as a support. They also offer protection against soil moisture and splash water. The thickness of the post shoes should be at least 9×9 cm to ensure stability and statics. You can also choose larch or doulasia as the basic materials. These woods are particularly resistant and easy to care for.

Plan the carport yourself with the help of the 3D software

Once you have made the decision to start building your carport yourself, the project begins with the planning phase. The 3D CAD program “ Plan7BIM ” offers you a great support. The program has been specially designed in such a way that it can be operated intuitively and that even laypeople and newcomers can easily be guided through the individual design points. While you are planning your carport, you already have the option of viewing your project using the 3D view. This gives you a very good overview and impression of the usefulness of your considerations. With the Plan7BIM Professional you have also integrated the feature that you can also make video tours and thus see an almost realistic image. This function can also be used to create a presentation of the result.

The functions of the Plan7BIM go even further and go beyond the planning of a carport. You can also use the software to design and plan a complete house. You can also plan and map renovations and conversions very realistically. Once the construction plan has been completed, the interior work can also be visualized. Here you can even add furnishings and move and reposition them within the plans. The same applies to the design of walls and floors. Here, too, you can change colors and designs as often as you like and see what you like best. A catalog also contains other objects that can be integrated into the room planning.
A specially designed video shows you what options the software offers you and what you can display.

If you need further product information on the individual programs of the Plan7BIM , then you can see it in the gallery. Here you will also find a comparison of the individual products and see the differences between the versions. Further information has been prepared in the form of tables, videos and images. You can also read about the advantages Plan7BIM have over other planning software.