Professional floor plan production of a bungalow

The professional preparation of a bungalow floor plan requires the implementation of many different aspects. The Plan7BIM software is recommended so that nothing is forgotten. Based on the data entered, the software calculates the ideal floor plan and creates a realistic construction plan for the user, which even takes into account electricity and sanitary lines and other important details. In this way, all kinds of types and shapes of house floor plans can be simulated.

The importance of different perspectives

In order to design a floor plan ideally, it is advisable to take different perspectives. In general, a floor plan can be designed in 2D and 3D. The 2D perspective is ideal for basic planning, such as the room layout and the rough placement of windows and doors. However, it is important to fully plan such elements, which is especially possible in 3D. This perspective helps to take into account height-relevant aspects of windows, doors and stairs. Changing the perspective helps with the detailed floor plan.

The roof structure

The construction of a suitable roof is a problem that often requires a certain level of expertise. However, there are ways to simplify preliminary planning. The 3D house planner, who can calculate even difficult roof structures from various options, is recommended here. Here, too, the only task of the user is to choose between different options and to feed the program with measurements and data. On this basis, a roof is constructed that can be supplemented and adapted as required.

The interior design in the software

When the rough floor plan has been planned, it goes to the interior design. The floor plan only forms the housing, which now has to be filled with personality and life in order to create a real home. With the Plan7BIM, users get software that optimally supports this important planning step. You can choose from more than 1000 items that can be combined as desired and thus give a first impression of the desired interior design. Even third-party products, i.e. furnishings from other manufacturers, can be integrated into the database. A more efficient and uncomplicated interior design plan is not possible.
Also for garden planning

The design of the outdoor area

If you are planning a house, you will usually also acquire a small or large plot of land. Most people choose to start their own garden. This also requires detailed planning. The software can also be used to easily plan the design of your own garden. The user can choose between different plants and objects in the database and thus get a good impression of how the different combinations harmonize with one another. This gives a good impression of what the future outdoor area could ideally look like.

The change from 2D to 3D

Switching from 2D to 3D is a step that causes problems for many software. But the integrated 3D engine of the presented software masters this step perfectly. In this way, intended 2D floor plans can be transferred into a realistic, real 3D perspective. This makes it possible to imagine elements and objects according to their depth and height. The 3D engine works almost like a photograph, even light and shadow conditions are taken into account, which could play an important role in garden design. In addition, the closeness to reality means that real estate agents or architects can, thanks to the software, simulate tours that make an actual inspection of the property obsolete.

The whole house planning with a single software

The Plan7BIM is therefore the ideal program for planning buildings, outdoor areas and other extras. The particular advantage of the software lies in its conformity with German building standards. An advantage that other free and paid software cannot offer. The software is not only suitable for construction projects, but also for renovations, extension projects or conversions. Even detailed and complicated aspects such as electricity and sanitary lines can be taken into account thanks to a practical tool. If you want to fulfill the dream of your own bungalow and plan to design it at your own discretion, you will find exactly the software you need in Plan7BIM. The standard version is user-friendly and simple, even laypeople can work with it without any problems. The 3D CAD program is suitable for advanced users and experts.

The bungalow planning in a few steps

The way to your own bungalow design takes just a few steps. The first thing to do is to design the floor plan and give the desired property the desired shape. In the next step, the room planning begins, which also includes the placement of door and window elements. These elements as well as stairs can be perfectly implemented in 3D mode. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can create the ideal floor plan for your dream property.

Then it goes to the interior design. Make a rough plan of the objects you want and start feeding the software with the appropriate data. The object catalog with more than 1000 options is helpful. In this way you can virtually simulate your future interior design and thus get an impression of your future home.