An allotment garden as a personal retreat and individually designed oasis of relaxation is at the top of the wish list for many people. Putting your dreams into practice and planning them perfectly in advance is not that difficult. Because with our ArCADia BIM 3D Architect software, you can easily plan the design of your allotment garden yourself.

No matter how you imagine your allotment garden, thanks to the simple and intuitive operation of ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, you can visualize your dreams without much effort. The program, which has been optimized for use by private users, among other things, provides you with a wide range of functions and ready-made design elements . To operate and use them, no previous knowledge is required .

You can use drag-and-drop to place elements such as beds, garden paths, ponds and pools exactly where you want them. If you don’t like the placement or want to change something, then remove and move all elements just as easily and intuitively. Of course, all prefabricated elements in ArCADia BIM 3D Architect are freely scalable so that you can easily adapt their size to the available space in your allotment garden.

Visualize your allotment garden dreams in 2D and 3D

ArCADia BIM 3D Architect offers even absolute laypeople the best possible support when planning their allotment garden. It is particularly practical, for example, that you can switch from the two-dimensional to the three-dimensional view of your planning and vice versa without any intermediate steps. The 3D view is particularly suitable for the visualization of the spatial design of your allotment garden. The 2D view, on the other hand, makes it particularly easy for you to find the best logical arrangement and the right size for each design element used. Would you like to know what your allotment garden will look like at a certain time of the day? No problem! Because in the photo-realistic 3D view it is even possible to set an individual position of the sun or shadow in certain areas.

Maximum flexibility in the design of your allotment garden

With ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you are only a few steps away from the completely individual design of your allotment garden. The entire program is designed so intuitively that even complete planning laypeople can cope with it excellently. Step by step you place objects and elements in your allotment garden so that it gradually takes shape. You enjoy maximum flexibility. Because ArCADia BIM 3D Architect provides you with a catalog with around 10,000 design objects from which you can freely choose. In addition, the individual elements can also be inserted in different materials and with different textures. If that is not enough for you, you also have the option of importing further objects from third parties into ArCADia BIM 3D Architect and using them as well. You enjoy absolute creative freedom and maximum ease of use when designing your allotment garden.

Simply import existing plans and continue to use them

Would you like a cozy gazebo or a tool shed for your allotment garden and maybe even CAD plans already exist for this in the form of a file? Then just import these plans into ArCADia BIM 3D Architect and use them there for planning your allotment garden. If this is not the case, this is also not a problem. Of course, you also have the option of planning individual arbors and garden houses in the program itself. These can then be inserted into your planning just as easily as the finished objects that ArCADia BIM 3D Architect makes available to you. Of course, this also applies to all other CAD plans that are relevant and already available for the design of your allotment garden. Of course, the program corresponds to all current German building standards . When planning your allotment garden with ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, you do not have to worry about compliance with existing regulations and standards. The versatile planning program does this for you.