With the 3D CAD software from ArCADia, you can design your terraced house yourself, easily and conveniently at home on your PC. With this special software you dress your ideas, your conceptions and wishes in a three-dimensional form that you want to later turn into reality.
You become a designer, your own architect and visionary of your dream home. You do not need any previous knowledge for ArCADia, the software is easy to use and is just as suitable for laypeople as it is for planning professionals.


Our 3D CAD software gives your visions, wishes and requirements in terms of design and living comfort a face. True to scale, you can plan the appearance of your terraced house not only from the outside, but also inside. How big should this or that room be, how does the room size relate to the overall structure, where do I place doors and windows, where does a staircase make sense? All these agonizing questions can be answered visually with this software from ArCADia and you will be amazed.

The advantages are obvious!

No time-consuming discussions with architects, costly rescheduling and doubts as to whether you have made the right decision. You design your row house yourself thanks to this easy-to-use software. Your very personal living environment and your homely future, you can create step by step in a three-dimensional view. If you have brought your wishes and ideas into shape with ArCADia, then go to the architect of your choice well prepared. He then immediately knows what’s going on. Time-consuming discussions about all the pros and cons that keep you awake and no additional costs for planning changes.

Three versions – one goal!

The 3D planning software from ArCADia, which supports you in planning your terraced house, is available in three versions. With the basic version you draft your concept and with it you create a first clear picture of the floor plan. Two other versions build on this, right up to finished plans. This is how you use the versatility of ArCADia to plan in a cost-saving manner.

Easy to use, powerful!

The 3D CAD software from ArCADia is designed in such a way that it can be easily and conveniently operated by builders without prior knowledge. Simply install and follow the instructions step by step and watch how your dream home slowly takes shape. Shape your creative will into a feasible being with the help of your architect.

What else you should know

ArCADia 3D CAD software is not a substitute for architects or builders. Rather, it is used to represent your own wishes and ideas of your new home. This shortens the preliminary planning stage without having to deal with different floor plans and variants for a long time. The 3D planning software from ArCADia saves a lot of the often time-consuming collaboration with the architect, as ideas and details can largely be clarified in advance. Planning errors, implementation options and cost traps can be recognized by your architect in good time, which is ultimately also important for the question of liability.