Would you like to plan a staircase but are not an architect? Are you of the opinion that you don’t know enough about common standards and rules in the building industry and have not yet dared to do it?
The 3D stair planner from ArCADia enables you to do just that: You create a wide variety of stair designs including railings and steps – and all of this without having completed an architecture degree!

The 3D stair planner from ArCADia is part of a large architecture software package, with the help of which everyone can achieve initial success in visualization. Ideas can be tried out and presented quickly and easily, the stair editor helps you to find and create the perfect staircase for your home.

The advantages of the software are obvious:

You create your own dream staircase: Nobody knows what you want better than you. Therefore, you plan on your own, try out your own designs and colors and design everything according to your individual wishes! Don’t be afraid and get started right away! The 3D stair planner is just fun!

Cost savings: You simply take the planning of your stairs into your own hands and save yourself the high costs for an architect.

Innovative: Comprehensive software with many gadgets

With the stair planner from ArCADia you not only draw your stairs or work on a new look, the software also calculates all static, technical and functional properties for you at the same time. After all, your stairs should not only look pretty, they should also be realizable and executed correctly according to all the rules of technology. All of these calculations are of course included in your drawing!

The program also offers many other functions and tools for your implementation. In order to design your staircase exactly according to your wishes, choose between countless design options such as materiality, texture, color concept or different patterns. Nothing to be desired is left unfulfilled, railings or other highlights can also be easily placed with the software.

The staircase software from ArCADia also offers you the option of working in both 2D and 3D, first creating your rooms as a basis so that you can then let off steam with different designs! Ultimately, multiple views of the property will help you make your decision.

If you want to start creating your staircase, ArCADia first suggests three classic stair types: a traditional spiral staircase, a classic straight staircase or a platform staircase. Now choose the type of stairs you want to build on.
Don’t worry: You can try out other stair models at any time, your definition here can be changed and adapted at any time, so your decision here only serves as a basis.

So that your drawn staircase also works and can be implemented in reality, the software supports you and calculates all possible geometric shapes and the necessary building regulations in the background.
You only set the start and end point and thus draw your flight of stairs. The software always compares your entries in real time with all technical requirements, so that you do not need any structural engineering knowledge here. The 3D stair planner also takes into account the ideal staircase incline and the staircase ratio!

So you basically can’t draw a staircase that can’t be built! The software would point this out to you! Even laypeople can quickly become an architect!

If you are of course familiar with something and not only want to live out your creative streak but also want to actively participate in the calculations and calculations of the software, you can of course also manually insert your own parameters such as different dimensions, etc. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced – everyone will get a successful result!

Now that you have drawn your own staircase according to your preferences and wishes, you must of course also check whether you would like it in the implementation. Because just because the 2D plan looks good doesn’t mean that it is exactly the right staircase for your dream home!

The best way to do this is to switch from 2D to 3D mode and display your stairs in three dimensions so that you get the spatial impression you need.

In 3D mode you can look at your stairs and even walk them on and off! Here you may discover a few corners that you would like to rework. Or maybe you are already satisfied and you would like to leave your property exactly as it is.

Plan stairs yourself according to German standards

As already mentioned, you do not have to worry about compliance with German standards, the 3D stair planner from ArCADia does everything for you.

The German standard brings with it clear standard specifications in terms of the angle of inclination, height and width of stairs, which inevitably have to be adhered to. This means that you have little or no influence on certain parameters, e.g. the number of steps, which is calculated based on the geometry of the stairs.

In low rooms, a spiral staircase is often a good idea, as these are usually not as high and require a smaller area than single straight stairs. These, in turn, are particularly popular in high rooms.

Connecting stairs can also be implemented; they do not open up a full storey, but instead convey e.g. from the garden to the balcony or from the courtyard to the front door.

Draw the stairs in the 2D floor plan

The software package from ArCADia offers easy integration of the stairs you have created into a 2D plan of your house.

Proceed as follows:

Step 1: Select your desired staircase shape in the staircase dialog and look for the appropriate one under straight, spiral or platform staircases.
Step 2: Insert your stairs into the 2D drawing.
Step 3: The software simultaneously creates a 3D preview in which you can directly view the result you have achieved.

From classic to avant-garde: try different stairs!

You will find that the stair planner is easy and intuitive to use and that you will quickly see your first successes.

Let your creativity run free: the extensive options offer you all the options you might not even notice at first glance. Unusual styles and concepts that you may be familiar with from other eras can also be implemented.

If you would like to learn more about the use and the possibilities of the 3D stair planner from ArCADia, please do not hesitate and contact our team of experts, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the product.

Our employees will advise you professionally!

Clever planning of stairs without know-how

Our software was designed in such a way that you neither have to read in-depth into the topic of stairs nor have any prior knowledge. Our aim is to use the tool to reach everyone who wants to deal with the subject of visualization in construction. That’s why we deliberately kept the surface of the 3D stair planner plain and simple – without having to make any compromises in terms of design freedom!

Create even more with the 3D architecture software

As mentioned at the beginning, the 3D stair planner from ArCADia is part of a large architecture software package.

Would you like to go deeper into the planning and even plan and implement your entire apartment or house down to the last detail? Then our complete package is just right for you! In addition to simple, small additions to your existing building, you can also plan an entire house: everything is covered, from the socket to the roof structure. In addition to the stair planner, the package offers other functions such as classic building drawings through to carpentry planning.
The simple, intuitive user experience runs through the entire software package.

If you would like access to the other packages, you only need to download one of the four programs to activate the others. All are based on one another and can be combined with one another!

Do you own a Windows PC? Then become an architect today and take your planning into your own hands!

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