When planning a house, the roof structure and the roof shape play a very important role. With the ArCADia BIM 3D architect software you can plan and design your own roof individually. The roof structure protects your dream house and the structure. You should choose the suitable roof shape for the roof, which is adapted to your wishes and needs and fulfills important purposes. When making your selection, always consider the type of use and whether the roof shape is even feasible for your house. With the ArCADia BIM 3D architect software, you can plan your roof the way you want it. The practical thing about the software is that you can use different tools and tools to design the roof. With the 2D and 3D view you also have the opportunity to examine your construction in detail. In this way you can discover possible errors and test so that your wishes and ideas can be implemented at all. When choosing the roof shape, a distinction is made between flat roofs and monopitch roofs or pitched roofs . You should know that a roof is not just made of the tiles. The construction is also extremely important for the roof, as the structure and the roof construction also have an impact on the statics and the load-bearing capacity of the roof.

Roof structure

If you want to plan the entire roof, the expert speaks of the roof truss or the roof construction. In addition to the roof tiles, battens, beams, rafters, insulating tarpaulin, etc. , the roof construction includes all the materials you need to build a roof. The roof construction differs as follows:

  • Hipped roof (single-shell):
    With this roof construction there is no cavity and the roof cannot be ventilated.
  • Cold roof (double shell):
    Here you will find a cavity, through which the air can circulate in the attic and in the roof structure. This means less moisture and mold growth.

Roof covering

The roof covering is extremely important for the roof construction. The selected roof covering protects the entire roof construction and the house from the elements. The roof covering is covered on the construction. If you are planning a roof construction, you can use different materials for the roof covering. When choosing materials, however, you should always consider the statics of the construction. The practical thing about the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect software is that the program suggests the right materials based on your information and data, that are suitable for your dream home. You can choose the roof covering made of clay, concrete, natural stone, wood, sheet metal, reed or aluminum. Test different materials with the software and see the finished design in the 3D view. You can also customize the individual materials, e.g. B. Change colors or patterns in the roof tiles.

Different roof shapes

In the next step you have to decide on a roof type and shape. So that you can get a better overview, the different roof types are described in more detail below. You can also use multiple roof types for a particular roof shape. It depends on functionality and your personal taste. When choosing your roof, you should always consider the general conditions of the house. The statics and compliance with building regulations play an extremely important role. The ArCADia BIM 3D architect software supports you in the selection of the roof and helps you to find the right roof shape and type.

  • Gable roof:
    Saddle roofs are widespread in Germany. The special thing about this roof shape is that you can easily expand a gable roof, because the roof construction is relatively simple compared to other shapes. A gable roof is a pitched roof and the finished roof is reminiscent of the eaves and gable sides of a kind of saddle that holds the roof.
  • Mansard roof:
    Mansard roofs are not widespread in Germany despite their many advantages. The special thing about this roof shape is that the roofs are flattened in the middle. The sides of the roofs have normal slopes, like a pitched roof. This shape creates a lot more space in the room that you can use for living and storage space.
  • Awning:
    Tow roofs are basically pitched roofs. The only difference is that the roof structure protrudes over the facade of the house. This overhang also protects part of the walls of the house. Many builders opt for this type of roof when a parking space is to be built right next to the actual house. The roof thus offers additional protection.
  • Hipped roof:
    Hipped roofs are characterized by sloping roof surfaces on all roof sides. A hipped roof is a pitched roof with any angle of inclination. Due to this construction, snow in particular can easily slide off and does not remain on the roof. A hipped roof also has a ridge.
  • Monopitch roof:
    Monopitch roofs are roof shapes with one sloping roof surface and three straight ones. A monopitch roof also belongs to the flat roof category. The roof has three gable sides. The eaves side in Waldach shape is always aligned in the direction of the wind, which is the best way to protect the roof structure. The low angle of inclination on the roof gives you more living space and space in the house that you can use. In addition, the low angle of inclination enables solar cells to be installed on the roof.
  • Special forms:
    In addition to the roof shapes mentioned above, there are other special shapes: tent roof, barrel roof, half-hip roof and ditch roof.

Plan your dream house with the 3D architecture software

You can test the ArCADia BIM 3D architect software free of charge for a certain period of time. The practical thing about this software is the numerous functions and features with which you can individually plan and design your dream house. You can not only plan your roof, but the entire house with the software. The software is very easy to use and has a structured and clear user interface that you will quickly find your way around, even as a beginner.