Anyone in the fortunate position of owning their own home knows that, in principle, there is always something to do there. Many house and apartment owners want to take on more and more work on their own. This is often associated with the desire to be able to plan one’s own projects in the form of a drawing. In the case of a stair or balcony railing, however, nothing works without good software. If you don’t happen to be a draftsman, you need software that enables the planning of the new railing for the balcony or staircase on the PC.

With the easy-to-use 3-D CAD software from, property owners have the opportunity to plan and visualize their own projects completely independently. With House Designer 3-D, do-it-yourselfers can view their designs directly on the PC and thus get a three-dimensional picture of what the planned project will look like in the end. This creates additional security and avoids costs for avoidable planning errors.

A 3D CAD software that creates planning security

In contrast to extensions or other larger construction projects, as a house owner you are usually not tied to an architect when it comes to a railing. With a staircase or balcony railing, you can become an architect yourself. Anyone, including people with rudimentary knowledge, can now carry out the necessary planning steps with the planning software from The software is available in the following versions:

  • ArCADia BIM 3D Architect

What exactly does the 3D CAD software do?

In addition to the classic application of a railing, ArCADia also supports, for example, the floor plan design of a residential building. Countless projects for the garden such as fences or renovation work can be planned in a user-friendly manner and displayed in three dimensions with ArCADia.

What advantages does the 3D software offer?

One of the biggest challenges when planning your own craft projects is imagining size relationships. After the measurement, it is usually a matter of choosing certain cross-sections, material thicknesses and, of course, planning the waste. With ArCADia the proportions of a project are shown true to scale. If you misjudged the proportions when planning, this will already be noticed in the model and can be easily adjusted individually in the software.

Creating a finished visual model of your project can also be used to assist an architect. This gives the architect an idea of ​​the client’s wishes, which makes planning easier and reduces costs.

What can the ArCADia BIM 3D architect

The three software versions ArCADia Classic, Expert and Pro were designed for different planning applications. With Classic, simple planning can be carried out for projects that generally do not require the services of an architect. The Expert and Pro versions are specially designed for semi / professional planning. In cases that require an architect by law, the Expert or Pro version can be used to plan and visualize preliminary work for the architect or more complex construction projects.