“ArCADia” is the modern CAD software for beginners and experienced construction planners. The program offers a number of practical functions.
The individual interior design allows the rooms to be designed as you wish. You can also design your own objects. Using the 3D visualization, the designs can then be realistically displayed and viewed.
Floor plans and construction plans can also be imported. In this way, a parallel collaboration with an architect is possible. Since individual areas can be shown and hidden with a click of the mouse, it is always possible to work clearly.
In the wood construction mode, the object can be equipped with a wide variety of wooden elements. In addition, a comprehensive roof construction mode is available, with which houses and apartments can be provided with round, pitched or flat roofs.

Parallel 2D and 3D planning

The CAD program enables all important house building applications to be planned and organized at the same time. The plans can be displayed visually and adapted to individual requirements with just a few clicks of the mouse.
In 2D mode, doors, windows, walls and stairs are edited until they have the desired design and are in the right place. Then, without long loading times, the system changes to 3D mode, where the final details are set.

Technical drawing for beginners

More than 1,800 2D symbols are available in the 3D architect so that they can be used in construction mode to create and edit blueprints. Dynamic control also allows laypeople to carry out professional construction planning like a professional. All the details of the construction plan, from the actual floor plan to electricity, plumbing and heating elements, can be set with a click of the mouse.

Complete roof construction included

Arcadia’s 3D house planner has a comprehensive roof construction mode. Various roof elements such as roof windows or roof terraces can be created with ease. After entering dimensions and angles, the desired roof is created as a floor plan.

More than 500,000 3D objects

The software contains more than 500,000 objects for all rooms from the living room and bedroom to the kitchen and dining room to the bathroom, guest toilet, guest room and hallway. Top floors and basements can also be equipped with the desired 3D elements.
The selection of objects is extensive: sofas, armchairs, wall units, dining areas, tables, chests of drawers, chairs, beds, showcases and much more are available. Many objects are also coordinated with one another and thus enable the use of modern fitted kitchens or matching bedroom furniture. The object catalog can also be supplemented with further objects from furniture stores and other third-party providers.

The objects can be placed, rotated and edited with ease. With a click of the mouse, individual areas are shown, compared with one another and then hidden again. This saves a lot of time and effort, since furniture that has already been placed can remain in place.

Garden and outdoor areas in 3D

With the Arcadia software, the garden is designed down to the smallest detail. Users select the desired pool or pond, flower beds, terraces and paths as well as various additional decorative elements. The real environment is then imported into the program so that the object can be viewed in the future environment. Inside and outside views are available in 3D. Future homeowners do not have to expect any unwanted surprises when finalizing, but have all the details in view from the outset.

From the shell to the furnishings

The CAD software enables house planning step by step. The individual components are gradually planned at their own pace and finally put together to form a larger whole. This is how the dream house is designed from the shell to the furnishings. The user takes on the creative part and the program does the rest. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, this is always possible without long training periods.

After planning, explore the house in tour mode

After the planning of the object is completed, it is explored in 3D mode thanks to a modern 3D engine. The object of choice can be explored in all details. Realistic shadows and reflections as well as complex reflections are displayed.
The possibility of exploring the finished object live and in real time afterwards should be of particular interest to professionals. Creative animation and tour videos can also be created and imported in order to present them to the customer or the architect. In this way, dynamic collaboration between architect and homeowner and vice versa is possible.

If you want to plan your house or apartment down to the last detail, you are well equipped with the 3D architect. The software enables comprehensive planning right down to the individual pieces of furniture in the property. The entire house construction project can be implemented in a cost-saving manner. Compared to an expensive architect, even laypeople can do a large part of the planning themselves.

What possibilities does the Arcadia house building software offer?

Arcadia’s house building software offers users a wide range of options. With the program it is possible to plan the house exactly according to your own ideas. Anyone who already has detailed ideas can implement them precisely in the software. For everyone else, the 3D program offers creative approaches and inspiration for the desired object. The multi-family house or apartment is planned together with the architect or even entirely alone.

The advantages at a glance

There are several advantages associated with using Arcadia’s 3D software. First of all, the program makes it easier to create house plans. The architect can then use this to finalize the project. In the same way, templates for applying for a building permit can be created. The software enables the entire planning from the floor plan to the roof and wooden elements to the interior design. In addition, the expected costs are clearly shown. The architect only needs to use this information to complete the planning.

Can I use the software as a beginner?

The 3D software from Arcadia is designed for beginners and professionals. A simple user interface, which is also clearly laid out and equipped with various help options, makes planning easier even for inexperienced builders. Even before construction begins, future homeowners can get an idea of ​​the property. In this way, the house or apartment can be planned without any effort.

1 software, 3 versions: the right version for every need

The BIM software is available in three different versions. Laypeople use the simple version and do the planning with the necessary assistance. The professional version is suitable for the entire planning of a house or apartment down to the last detail. Even professional architects can work effectively with this software. In this way, you can save a lot of money on planning by hand – because the Arcadia planner is at hand for every step!

Who is the program for?

The program is suitable for anyone who wants to plan a house or apartment. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money in an architect right from the start, the software is exactly the right alternative. The 3D planner is also the right choice for hobby planners who are not specifically planning to build a house. You can also create your own objects and share them with the large community on the Internet.

Do you have any further questions about the Arcadia 3D planner? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.