In addition to a beautiful living room, large houses also have a large dining room where you can eat together with friends and family. The dining room can also be used as a study and study. For social evenings it has a cozy atmosphere and generally looks very aesthetic. When designing the dining room, however, you should consider a few things, which are explained in more detail below.

Find the right room

Before planning the dining room, you should find the right space. In small houses or apartments it could be difficult to find a suitable floor plan . In these cases you have to determine the use of the rooms in order to be able to determine a suitable dining room. It is important that you choose a room in which you can implement all your wishes and ideas. The 3D CAD software, with which you can visualize the room in 3D, is very practical for planning.
In some houses and apartments it makes sense to change the use of the space. Structural measures can also be carried out for the perfect dining room, but are not absolutely necessary. So before you think about building work in your house, you should first consider a change of room. B. swap the living room with the dining room. When planning, you should always consider the space that you can use in the room. Large rooms are rather unsuitable as dining rooms.

Implement ideas and concepts

The next step is to develop your personal style and the furnishing concept for the dining room. There are no limits to your creativity . When choosing materials and colors, it makes sense if you orient yourself to the ambience of other rooms in the house. In the dining room, the whole family and friends come together for birthdays or other celebrations. It is important that the dining room creates a inviting and cozy atmosphere in which every visitor can feel comfortable. So you have to choose a style that underlines the cosiness in the room and at the same time gives the room an aesthetic and harmonious look. In addition to furniture, you should consider the room design (e.g. wall color), accessories and decoration and home textiles (carpets) . There may already be an old solid wood table in the room that you can also use for the dining room. Chic pictures or chairs could also be suitable as furniture in the new dining room. So before making new purchases, consider all of your options to save costs.

When choosing the furnishing concept, you should not orientate yourself on other rooms in the house. So adapt the dining room to the living style of the house. Of course you can experiment with colors, accessories and decorative elements or furniture. However, the difference between the rooms should not be too big, as the dining room then does not fit in with the rest of the house or apartment.

Popular living styles

  • Country house style: Rooms in the country house style contain many wooden elements and curved shapes and precise lines on chairs and tables. The style is reminiscent of an old country house.
  • Shabby chic: Shabby chic creates a cozy and chic style in the room with furniture in a vintage look and elegant design elements.
  • Retro style: The retro style convinces with colorful and bright color elements and a clear design.
  • Colonial style: With the colonial style, elegant and high-quality antique furniture is used, which is combined with exotic accessories and decorative elements .

Which style of living you ultimately choose is entirely up to you. You can also mix and match different styles if you like it and the style goes with the rest of the house. When planning, you should go through all possible scenarios and ideas to create a solid base with which to design the dining room.

Design of the dining room

When designing the dining room, you should make sure that the room does not appear overloaded and that it is filled with too many accessories and furniture. The dining room always exudes a calm atmosphere to feel good. The furnishing and design of the dining room should therefore be kept rather simple . When designing the dining room, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Floor: With the right floor you can create the right ambience and a calm atmosphere in the room. Dark color elements are very suitable for floor design. Carpet is rather unsuitable as a floor. You can see stains here if you spill something while eating.
  • Walls: The wall design is very important for the dining room. With chic patterns or different color elements you can create the right ambience in the dining room, even without a lot of furniture or other decorative elements.
  • Furniture and interior: You don’t need a lot of furniture in the dining room. The most important pieces of furniture are a beautiful and rustic dining room table with matching chairs . A showcase in a corner of the room gives the dining room a pleasant and calm character. You could store chic tableware or glasses in the showcase. When choosing furniture, you should always make sure that it matches the ambience of the room.
  • Light: The suitable lighting conditions are also extremely important for the dining room. For the lighting elements, make sure that you set the light sources individually can. When eating, the light should be a little brighter. If you want to spend a cozy evening with the family, you should be able to dim the lights a little. As a rule, the dining room table is always under the light source in the room. So mount the light source in a suitable place.
  • Accessories and decorative elements: With the accessories you round off the concept in the room and complete it. Place e.g. B. some nice plants in the room. Which decorative elements you choose depends on your personal taste and style in the room.

Take enough time and plan with your budget

It is important that you take enough time when planning the dining room. Go step by step and plan the basic elements first, such as flooring and wall design. Only then should you take care of the appropriate furnishings and furnishings . Now is the time to choose the right dining room table with seating. With the right decoration, you round off the overall ambience and the calm atmosphere in the room.
Before planning, set a budget that you have available for the dining room. You should coordinate the wall and floor design with the furniture. When doing renovation and remodeling work, you should try to be economical. In the end, you will have more money to spend on furniture and other furnishings.