When planning the house, the kitchen, living room and bedroom play an important role. You should also plan a nice children’s room for children and respond to the child’s wishes and ideas. Use the house planner software for this. Here you can put your plans and ideas into practice and even look at the design in a photo-realistic 3D view . The practical thing about the 3D CAD software is that it is intuitive and, above all, very easy to use. You can use various design elements and techniques in the software, e.g. B. Simulate lighting conditions according to the time of day. This function plays a very important role, especially when aligning the room. The special thing about a children’s room is that it is redesigned relatively often, as the children’s interests change over time. The following text describes various tips and tricks that you can use when planning and designing the children’s room should pay attention to.

Determine the room

First of all, when planning the children’s room, you should find a suitable room in which you can implement your ideas. If you already own a house, then you need to choose a room. For a new building, you should determine the floor plan and plan exactly how the future children’s room should look. When determining the room, you should make sure that the children’s room is not directly next to the living room or bathroom. These two rooms create the greatest background noise in the house. If you live or build directly on a street, you should not choose a room that faces the street. Also, sun and light conditions in the children’s room are very important.

The children’s room should not face south or north. A children’s room facing south heats up very quickly on warm summer days. Children’s rooms facing north will be especially cold in winter. In addition, the room receives very little sunlight.
Children play on the floor most of the time. So you should also think about the covering on the floor. Play mats that can easily be placed in the room are very suitable for children’s rooms. You should also think about installing underfloor heating. With the ArCADia software you can plan and test everything precisely. In this way you will also be able to determine whether certain ideas can be implemented at all.

Division of the room

After you have decided on a room, it is time to divide up the space precisely. The size and age of the child are particularly important for the division. If you divide the room into different areas, e.g. B. sleeping and play area, divided, the children’s room can be set up.

You should always consider the age of the child when setting up. The furnishing style differs between infants, toddlers and teenagers. The child goes through different development phases and also has different interests. A lot also has to do with the style and preferences of the other family members, as toddlers often see their parents or larger siblings as role models. At least the tastes of the parents also have an influence on the interests of the child.

Small children need a bed that is suitable for their age, a closet in which all personal items (e.g. toys) can be stowed and a wardrobe . As soon as the child goes to school, you should also have space for a desk in the room. At this age, a play area is particularly important, unless you have set up a playroom for the child in the house. When setting up the children’s room, you should make sure that the sockets are secured and that the child cannot injure themselves on any sharp edges. Safety plays a very important role. When designing the children’s room, you should also install the suitable lighting in the room, ceiling lamp, bedside lamp and desk lamp.

Design and decoration of the children’s room

When designing and decorating a children’s room, you need to pay attention to a few important points. When choosing furniture and lighting in the room, you should pay attention to its use and flexibility . Since your child’s interests can change over time, the furniture and other decorative elements should be able to be adapted to their age. For toddlers, you should use wall decals . They are extremely practical and can be easily removed from the wallpaper without leaving any residue.
So you can always design the children’s room the way your child wants it. Your child will feel much more comfortable in the room as he / she can identify with the topic in the room. The nursery is your child’s retreat. Here he / she can immerse himself in his / her own world and simply be a child. The bed linen and the matching curtains give the room comfort and cosiness. You can also add a personal charm to the room with photos or pictures. Curtains are useful too, offering some protection from heat and natural light.