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Hauserker – a forgotten decor?

For a long time the bay window led a shadowy existence in architecture, but was rediscovered and is now enjoying particular attention as an ornament of a house. Its attributes such as extravagance, decorative object and light dispenser help it to become a trend subject and give house and living space a very special touch through their versatile use.

Advantages of a bay window

With a bay window, a room always looks unusual and a matching interior gives the room an unusual whistle. Its pluses are obvious – optimal room enlargement, abundant light flooding, complete roofing. You could also enjoy the beautiful view from a balcony, but the advantage of the cozy corner of a bay window is particularly evident on cozy winter days.

Use of a bay

Depending on the number of square meters and an angular or round shape, the bay room can have different provisions.

As a work area , the space in the bay window can be used well for low shelves or a desk. The brightness in this screened niche is spot on for the personal office.

If the bay window is in the dining room , plants and decorative objects are ideal for an exquisite presentation. A dining table can also protrude into the bay area and create a special feeling of living in social gatherings.

If the bay window is small and cozy, it is ideal for a reading chair with a decorative lamp as a retreat . If he also has a windowsill with effective, comfortable cushions, nothing stands in the way of reading enjoyment. A small bookshelf with selected items flatters the bay window and turns it into a delightful library.

Children love playing in limited, angled areas for their creative role-playing games or as a protected space for building and construction, because they can use their separate play area and still participate in what is happening in the adjoining living area.