In many cases, planning an attic room requires more attention than many other rooms. Structural features such as sloping ceilings or windows and lighting require a certain amount of effort so that roof spaces can be developed convincingly.

For demanding tasks like this, 3D CAD programs are of great help. Find out how they work and how they are best used in this post.

Features and Benefits

3D CAD software is a valuable planning tool for construction projects that can be applied to virtually all elements that make up a house or a single room. This ranges from the floor plan, the foundation, the garden and the shell including the roof structure to infrastructures such as pipe laying and individual rooms and their interior fittings.

Those who use 3D CAD programs early and correctly actually save time when planning their rooms. Because switching between 2D and 3D views quickly reveals how well floor plans or walls are being used and what the end result will look like. Corrections are implemented quickly on this basis before more complex adjustments are necessary later.

Simple and intuitive operation

When developing the software, ease of use is one of the key factors so that even beginners can use it well. All tools and their icons are designed to be self-explanatory and sorted into intuitively recognizable sections. An extensive help center with numerous keywords and video tutorials completes the program.

Planning with our 3D CAD software is even one step easier because three versions accommodate your individual requirements for different construction projects. Each version offers many complete solutions to help you plan and prepare your construction project:

  • 3D Architect Basic
  • 3D Architect Advance
  • 3D Architect Professional

Our version comparison shows you what functionality our three versions each offer. This allows you to quickly see which one is best for your project. Additional information on the user interface, performance and usability can be found in the screenshots in our gallery.

It is not for nothing that our versions with different levels of functionality have been convincing numerous users from hobby craftsmen to professional building contractors and engineers for years.

As a rule, 3D CAD software does not replace contact and cooperation with an experienced architect. Think of new buildings or projects with special questions, such as the load-bearing capacity of old building structures. In any case, it helps you to implement projects in a time-saving manner and to make better individual decisions. In this way, you will most certainly be more satisfied with your construction project.

Our support for you

If you have any questions, our friendly and competent advisory team will of course be happy to help. Just give us a call on 0 561 473 952 16. Together we will ensure that you can build your perfect attic room.