If you fulfill your dream of your own apartment, you not only make yourself a lot more independent – before you can enjoy a better quality of life, you face a major challenge: Such a mammoth project needs to be well planned. This is the only way to avoid having to live on a construction site for a long time. But since the owner has far more design options than a tenant, there is also the opportunity to build the new apartment exactly according to his personal ideas and individual needs. With the right organization, nothing goes wrong on the way to moving in.

What freedom do owners have when designing their home?

The owners of a property are free to make so-called structural changes in their apartment, i.e. to significantly influence the building fabric. This not only includes a new floor covering or a fresh wall paint, but rather the removal or relocation of entire walls. If the statics allow it, there is an opportunity to make major changes to the floor plan of the apartment. In this way you can plan and implement the optimal cut for your own living needs.

In order to better visualize all the options when changing the floor plan, apartment owners can use special planning software. This makes it very easy to visualize your wishes: For example, when moving walls or inserting larger windows, such a tool is extremely helpful in recognizing all the potential of your apartment and later fully exploiting it.

Which limits have to be adhered to in the case of structural changes?

The scope for designing one’s own apartment is huge; However, there are a few restrictions to be observed in certain cases. For example, as a member of an owner company, you sometimes have to adhere to certain guidelines. These relate, for example, to the statics of the building or contain certain noise protection measures so that other house residents are only disturbed by the building noise to an acceptable extent.

Further guidelines can regulate the influence on the outdoor area, for example, in order to maintain a uniform appearance of the residential complex. In order not to have to accept any nasty surprises in terms of the limitation of structural changes, it is advisable to carefully examine the purchase contract and the articles of association of the owners’ association.

If, however, there is nothing in the way of extensive structural adjustments, such as changing the floor plan, it is up to you to organize the renovation work as efficiently as possible. Avoid prolonged construction noise as much as possible so as not to annoy the neighborhood.

How do you find the perfect room layout?

If you do not like the previous layout of the apartment and nothing speaks against a renovation, you as the owner are of course free to change the floor plan according to your wishes. Use the possible leeway away from the load-bearing elements to make your ideas of an ideal room layout a reality.

Make sure that each room in the apartment fulfills a specific function. In order to feel good all round, the lighting conditions in the rooms are of particular importance. Here, too, planning software can prevent serious mistakes: For example, you can ensure that the living room is bright and friendly. In contrast, daylight can be safely dispensed with in the storage room.

Implement the planned floor plan of your apartment in the software and take a close look at the simulation of the lighting conditions. Also, observe how the light reacts to changes in the room layout to ultimately achieve the desired effect. In this planning phase, nuances are often important: The lighting conditions in a room can already be greatly influenced if only one of the windows is enlarged. So it is advisable to be creative and to critically review the virtual adjustments from different perspectives. In this way you can weigh different ideas against each other and later make it easier for you to implement them.

What else needs to be considered when dividing the rooms

When planning their apartment, every owner has certain ideas in mind when it comes to their new home. But what if these cannot be implemented as desired? It is a particular challenge to realistically assess the number of square meters available and to fill it with life. On paper, the size of the rooms is simply too abstract for many people.

This harbors the risk that the division of the apartment will turn out to be problematic during the furnishing phase – i.e. it is too narrow and uncomfortable in reality. In order to prevent false proportions, CAD software now also offers the possibility of virtually furnishing your apartment with all kinds of elements. For example, it can be shown whether the furniture in the office really needs as much space as intended or whether the children are given even more space to play in their rooms.

Since the possibilities of influencing the room layout are greatest before moving in, you should take your chance at this phase of the project. Consider moving walls to make your dream home come true. Do not be afraid to look into the future, because your living conditions and needs can change over the years. Then the room concept should also allow for adjustments, for example in the function of the rooms.

What happens when the floor plan is in place?

After the layout of the apartment has been designed, the preliminary floor plan can be used to give the rooms character. Fill the rooms with life by experimenting with different floors, textures or wall colors. Here, too, the software solution is a valuable aid to get an impression of how the favored building materials work. Furthermore, you can protect yourself from possible wrong decisions. You get a good impression of the atmosphere in your rooms by first examining the size and the incidence of light virtually.

You can even take different perspectives with the help of a 3D tour. This ultimately makes the decision-making process for certain materials and colors easier. In the next step, the upcoming conversion and renovation costs can also be estimated much better. So you have a good overview of your budget and only get what is really needed. Work economically and do without excess material as far as possible.

Renovate and move with structure and good planning

You can also use the planning software in the final phase of your project to make the process easier. For example, the apartment floor plan can be printed out and distributed to all craftsmen involved. This means that there are no misunderstandings during the briefing and all service providers and helpers know exactly what to do and where.

In this way, you create a clear distribution of tasks during the renovation and ensure that all tools and work materials find their way to the room in which they are needed and used. By visualizing different perspectives of the individual rooms, the various work can be started in parallel without the owner having to instruct and monitor all processes individually. This not only has a positive effect on the resources required, but also on time management.

Finally, you can proceed in a similar way on the day of the move in order to bring the distribution of the furniture and boxes into a controlled path. Name the rooms in your plan and assign your furnishings so that they are easy to understand. Make it clear where which pieces of furniture belong and should be set up. Your moving helpers will certainly appreciate that very much. Furthermore, this approach can avoid unnecessary journeys and maybe even save one or the other trip with the moving van.

If the move is done at the end of the day, the owners benefit from the fact that all the boxes are in the right room. You can also do without the hassle of moving furniture. This makes setting up and putting away things much easier and saves unnecessary searching for specific items. This reduces workload and stress.

In summary, it can be said that the various phases in the new condominium project can be planned and implemented much more easily with CAD software. From finding the ideal room layout to structural changes and renovation work to moving and furnishing you will gain enormous advantages. Protect yourself from wrong decisions, excessive costs and unnecessary stress when moving in. So you can enjoy your new home to the full after moving in.