Floor plan drawing and planning with 3D CAD software

As a building planner or (future) property owner, you might want a simple, practicable way of creating floor plans and planning your project.
The HausDesigner3D software could then be the right solution for you, because it enables uncomplicated creation of individual floor plans and construction plans according to German building standards . The clear and easy-to-use user interface with many functions enables even non-experts to use the program without problems.
Existing floor plans can also be imported into the program and edited.
The program converts your project into a photo-realistic 3D visualization , so that a virtual view and inspection of your design is possible.

Plan and create your own floor plan on a professional level

Even without special prior knowledge planning can be carried out within a short time. The intelligent construction mode enables the creation of complete, professional floor plans even for laypersons with dynamic lines in the 2D model.

Rooms you have drawn are automatically recognized and calculated and numbered according to your specifications.
There are over 1800 2D and more than 500,000 3D objects available in the program’s catalog to design your design. You can position these within your planning with a simple click of the mouse.
When designing the walls, different wall thicknesses and heights as well as multi-layer walls can be configured. Material and hatching can also be freely selected.

All current German building standards are fully integrated into the program. In this way, the planning can be carried out directly in accordance with standards and permissible. This also includes all types of walls, the electrics, plumbing and heating installations and escape and rescue routes.

Intelligent planning software with numerous functions

The intelligently working software in combination with the variety of options and functions enables professional planning even without specific prior knowledge.

In the selection menu you will find all functions and can, for example, easily select new floors and simply insert them, view them separately and edit them. Work in 2D mode with activated zoom function using the mouse wheel and set individual color markings with a click of the mouse. Markings on objects and elements can be shown and hidden at any time. With the labeling function you always have an overview of your planning.
Depending on requirements, dimensions and auxiliary lines, the outside area, the roof or individual objects or groups of objects can also be shown or hidden. The film and floor management also enables you to focus on individual rooms or, for example, the stairs.

The impressive selection of freely positionable objects can be designed and adapted in advance according to individual ideas and then simply and precisely inserted. Doors, windows, stairs and other objects can be easily and individually planned.

Professional floor plan creation with 2D and 3D technology

On request, the floor plan can be created with HausDesigner3D in parallel in 2D and 3D . Thanks to freely scalable window views, you always have an overview. Changes in the planning are automatically integrated into the 3D visualization and can be examined there at any time as a photo-realistic, freely accessible model . The realistic representation gives a good impression of the later effect of the planning and thus creates sufficient planning security .

The more than 500,000 placeable objects and elements are displayed in 3D mode and can be adapted and edited so that you can plan your entire facility for each room individually . A huge selection of materials and textures is available for this. In addition, additional objects and textures can be imported into the program. There are hardly any limits to your design options.
More than 1800 2D symbols for the floor plan level can be used for standard-compliant drawings of installation, electrical and escape route plans .

The intelligent software works automatically with the German building standards and detects incorrect planning.

This is how the application works

Only rarely do you have a very specific plan in mind when you set out to create a floor plan. How many rooms do I want and how should they be divided? Which floor height is the right one? Where would stairs be sensibly placed? That doesn’t make it easy to work efficiently anyway. That is why it is enormously helpful if you have the opportunity to try out different variants first and to be able to make changes all the time. This is exactly what is very easy to do with HausDesigner3D and it helps to overcome uncertainties in planning before the implementation begins. Here you can try around and compare until you are satisfied with your design.

To make the initial planning even easier for you, it is also possible to first deactivate functions such as grid dimensions and different line widths, which will only become important later.

Place walls and experiment with different wall thicknesses. Extend, shorten and move them, or just delete them again. Everything is possible with just a few clicks of the mouse. Once you have entered your walls, you work step by step and place windows and doors, columns, chimneys, joists and beams, stairs and recesses. There are also numerous options open to you for the roof that you can experiment with.

Gradually create a professional floor plan according to your wishes !

Easy operation even for inexperienced users

To work with HausDesigner3D, it is not necessary to have any special prior knowledge or experience in creating construction plans or working with CAD software. Excellent floor plans in professional quality can be created with the program even for beginners without any problems, because the program contains intelligent features that offer assistance at every step.

A dynamic line management recognizes and calculates drawn rooms, objects and elements can be easily placed with a click of the mouse and the latest standards and building regulations are automatically taken into account.

Tailor-made planning – down to the last detail

You can constantly switch between the clear 2D and the detailed 3D representation while working with the program. The 3D simulation is freely accessible and enables a tour of your planned project. The zoom function enables both a good overview and detailed work. With just a few clicks you can add elements and see them in their overall effect or in their detailed design.
Light and shadow effects, as well as different times of the day are also part of the simulation and offer even more realistic impressions of the later effect of your planning.

Special planning feature: wooden structures

The wood construction editor , which also enables the planning of larger constructions made of wood, offers particularly interesting options. For example, you can construct entire roof scaffolding according to your own wishes and ideas or design a garden house made of wood.