If you want to build your own home with little money, you should opt for a container house. With the so-called Tiny House Movement, this construction method was invented in the USA and known internationally. In the following you will learn more about the planning and construction of practical and compact container houses.

High quality and inexpensive building with container houses

Container houses pave a cheap way to own a home. They are quite competitive compared to ordinary houses and even offer many advantages. Thanks to the construction elements, the container construction ensures flexible, inexpensive and fast erection. In addition, container houses are extremely versatile. They take up little space and can be composed of several container elements in a variety of ways. They also prove to be extremely flexible in terms of equipment and furnishings. The high construction speed is very advantageous. Once the planning has been completed, ordering and implementation only take a few months. The construction is much cheaper and less risky than a solid house. At the same time, the container houses offer a high level of living comfort that can compete with a conventional house.

Careful planning of a container house

Building container houses requires thorough planning. First of all, the subsoil must be prepared accordingly. Next, select the material for the individual containers. Robust sea containers made of steel are often preferred. But specially made models made of wood are also possible. The containers are equipped with insulating material so that they are well insulated and can be heated economically. Standard containers have the dimensions six by 2.4 by 12 meters. However, custom-made products are also possible in order to obtain an individual final building.

Inexpensive and versatile components

For the construction of prefabricated houses, containers can be used as inexpensive and versatile construction elements. With a square meter between 14 and 28, the containers provide spacious living space. When purchasing, make sure that the material and manufacturing quality are high and that the standards for living containers are complied with. This ensures the longevity, robustness, weather resistance and statics of the building.

The advantages of modern container houses

Modern container houses offer numerous advantages: They can be reached quickly and inexpensively. They are also adaptable and can be individually designed and easily converted. The thermally insulated containers offer a high level of living comfort. Corresponding construction projects by private individuals or companies should, however, be carried out by a specialist company so that planning and construction go smoothly. You can realize your dream of owning a home with modern container houses.