With the ArCADia BIM 3D architect software you have the opportunity to plan your dream of a two-family house according to your wishes and ideas. The software is characterized by a simple and intuitive operation from ourselves to be operated by inexperienced persons. The special thing about the ArCADia BIM 3D architect software is a unique 3D view , with which you can examine your plans and drafts at any time. In this way, you can also identify possible errors, which you can quickly change and adapt. You will also get a comprehensive insight into the planning of a two-family house and can prepare yourself for the construction phase. You can also use the software to work with an architect. The software provides you with various tools, techniques and installation and design elements with which you can plan your individual two-family house. The software can be used free of charge for a certain period of time . If you like the software, you can also buy one of the different tariffs. Make sure, however, that the tariff suits your wishes and needs.

Land prices continue to skyrocket. Because of this, fewer and fewer people are choosing to own their own home. A two-family house offers you an inexpensive alternative because you can share the land costs with another builder. Two-family houses are becoming increasingly popular today. The following explains everything you should know about two-family houses.

How do two-family houses and multi-generation houses differ?

For many builders with families today, different house types come into question. However, many opt for the multi-generation house rather than the two-family house. This is mainly due to the fact that many cannot visually tell the difference between a large single-family house and a two-family house. A two-family house is therefore not as big as a multi-generation house and is more suitable for a new development area. The difference between multi-generational and two-family houses also lies in the building permit. You will notice that it is much easier to get a building permit for a two-family house.
Two-family houses are particularly suitable for locations where the land prices are extremely high, e.g. B. Big cities and metropolitan areas. Very few can afford a single-family home here. In a two-family house, two parties share the land costs, which means that construction is profitable. Two-family house means that two larger apartments can be accommodated in one house, in which two families can live. It is important that both apartments have at least three rooms , otherwise it is not a two-family house. Another difference between multi-family and two-family houses is that a house entrance is used by both parties in a two-family house. However, there is no staircase here, which is mostly used in an apartment building.

Two-family house: advantages and disadvantages

Before planning and setting up a two-family house, you should take a close look at the following advantages and disadvantages. In this way you get a precise overview and can decide whether a two-family house is exactly the right building object for you, your family and the personality structure.


  • In a two-family house, you can live together with other family members in one house, but in separate apartments.
  • Each party has its own retreat with an apartment.
  • When planning the two-family house, you can determine the exact division, adaptation and separation of the apartments with the family members who are also moving into the two-family house.
  • The practical thing about a two-family house is that you can get help quickly because another party lives and resides in the house with you,
  • Cost savings: You can split the costs for the two-family house and still live in your own apartment.
  • Property costs in large cities and metropolitan areas are affordable.
  • Renovation work on the house can be shared among each other.
  • Both parties should be equal and in this way can save a lot of costs.


  • Privacy is restricted in a two-family house. You live with another party on a property and conflicts can arise. If changes are to be made to the house, you have to agree.
  • Frequent contact. In the event of a dispute, serious problems could arise between the parties.
  • If the other party can no longer pay the installments for the house or repair costs, recourse claims can be made, which you then have to cover the costs. However, these cases are carefully examined.

A two-family house can be a very good alternative for you if you want to build a house in a chic and expensive residential area. With the other party in the two-family house, however, you should make sure that you trust each other, that your privacy will be restricted and that you have to be considerate of each other when living together.

2. Apartment can be rented

A two-family house is also suitable for builders who are aiming for a multi-family household in the future, but are currently not dependent on the second apartment. The second apartment could therefore be rented out for the bridging period. If you rent out an apartment, however, you should take a few measures to separate it in order to have a certain distance. Many builders who are planning a two-family house therefore offer the second apartment as an office . If you plan to use the office, you need to obtain a permit from the authorities. The practical thing about this variant is that the apartment is usually only used on working days and you have privacy the rest of the time. Nobody will disturb you in the evenings or on weekends.

Costs for a two-family house

With a two-family house you can plan and implement almost any construction project. You can let your creativity run free during the planning phase. The statics incur slightly higher costs , but they only make up a small part of the costs. The building materials make up about a third of the costs. The practical thing about the two-family house is that you can split the energy costs and other costs between the parties.

With the 3D CAD software you can create an individual floor plan of the two-family house. When laying the cables in the house, make sure that they are laid efficiently and effectively. This means that you can position the bathrooms in both apartments in such a way that you do not have to lay any additional cables. Conversely, you save additional costs in this way. You should calculate generously. In addition to the price of a single-family house, calculate about 35 percent of additional costs, i.e. 17.5 percent for each party. The practical thing about a two-family house is that the energy and consumption costs increase after about five Years to amortize.