Build your solid house from precast concrete

A precast concrete house has the same advantages as a conventional solid house. The difference, however, is that you enjoy far more flexibility in planning. One of the reasons for this is that details such as stone dimensions do not have to be taken into account in the planning phase. In this way, it is also possible for inexperienced builders to exercise maximum creativity and create a completely individual house.

Unfortunately, there are also limits to the design options for a solid concrete house. This is especially true for very complex client requests. The realization of very large objects can therefore become a problem.

In the case of smaller buildings, such as single-family houses, however, the advantages of a solid house made of precast concrete elements come into their own. In many projects of this size, it is even possible to dispense with the use of a construction grid.

Maximum design variety thanks to precast concrete elements

If you decide in the planning phase to build a solid house made of precast concrete, then you have the opportunity to realize your own individual wishes and ideas.

It is fundamental for this type of construction that the respective prefabricated parts are planned and manufactured separately. Different factors are taken into account in planning and production. A high degree of precision is achieved through the previous production of the individual parts. The excellent level of execution of the prefabricated parts allows a quick and relatively easy assembly on site. In addition to assembling the prefabricated parts on the construction site with the aid of a crane, only very few work steps are necessary before the house is ready for occupancy.

A characteristic of reinforced concrete structures that should be emphasized is the high stability that goes hand in hand with this type of construction. In comparison to a conventional solid house, the same stability is achieved with a lower mass. The reason for this is that structures made of reinforced concrete can absorb not only compressive forces, but also tensile forces. Due to the skeletal structure of reinforced concrete, it can not only be built in massive, but also very delicate.

You are also very flexible with the design and there are hardly any limits to your personal design requirements. After the construction, all parts of the house can be manufactured practically in one cast.

You don’t have to look at the concrete core of the finished building if you, the client, don’t want it. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to appearance. The following materials, for example, are very popular as facing for the outer skin:

  • Fair-faced concrete
  • Facing masonry made of natural stone
  • Facing masonry made of artificial stone
  • glass
  • wood
  • metal