Do you dream of your own house?

Who doesn’t know this dream? They built a house and owned a family. The children should grow up in a spacious garden and a cozy home and, like inside, have plenty of space to run around. Many people dream of hearing the desire to own their own home.
It is the best that the desire belongs to be able to plan the own home properly and the personal relationships. But in order to be able to solve this dream, the others first have to save many years. It is all the more alive afterwards that everything is done as you dreamed it would be.

You may already have your own ideas about how your personal home should be heard or you may already have a house too. You have finally been able to offer your own small family a personal home. It is important that it is important that everything is done properly from the start. The big goal has to be broken down into many small intermediate steps and carefully thought out.

What is a single family home?

If you take it very carefully, exactly one family lives in a single-family house according to the name. But autumn doesn’t always die. There are also single-family houses that are occupied by two people or shared apartments. Most of the time the right simply use the house for their actions. The single-family house is available in different settings. It can be as a terraced house, semi-detached house or as a free-standing structure. It is often autumn that a single-family house with annual floor numbers becomes. This form of the house that takes care that the authorization area of ​​the regulatory right is only used by one administrative unit.

First you need a suitable piece of earth

Of course, it is very important that you plan your house carefully and organize all the steps correctly. However, you also have to find a suitable plot of land beforehand that perfectly matches your house building and living requirements. The most important points to consider when choosing a property are primarily the size and location of the property.

You should take your time and think carefully about what corresponds to your ideas about life. If you do not choose the location of your property according to your needs, this can significantly reduce your quality of life in the long run. Of course, the joy of owning a home also decreases. Therefore, you should think carefully beforehand which aspects are important in general and for you personally in order to be able to live happily and content in your own home for a long time.

The interests can be very different and must be planned individually in advance. For example, would you like your parents or your children’s grandparents to live in the neighborhood? Is it important to you that shopping opportunities are nearby and therefore within walking distance? How far are kindergartens and schools? Can the children even go to school on foot? Would you prefer to live close to the urban jungle or do you prefer to relax in nature and idyll? Or would you like to live in a new housing estate, for example, as there will probably be more families and children there?

These are food for thought to consider before planning and building your dream home. For example, you can put all open questions in writing and then collect preferences with the other people who will live in the house and decide together at the end. This also makes it possible for you to find compromises within the family in order to satisfy different individual preferences. Maybe they have a lot in common. But it is important that everyone ultimately feels comfortable in their new home over a long period of time and enjoys living there.

You should also consider how big your house should be. You should also be aware of the relationship between house and garden. This makes it easier for you to find a suitable plot of land that is neither too big nor too small. This avoids surprises when the house is later built.

You should also keep in mind that you may not be able to choose your neighbors. There are many neighbors with whom you can be expected to get along perfectly. However, it is usually the case that plots that are built too close to each other can lead to unrest between the residents of the different houses. This can mostly be caused by noise. Perhaps you enjoy listening to music loudly or playing the drums. But maybe the neighbor often slams the doors or has an old washing machine that causes a racket and is on the balcony.

As a rule, up to three meters to the border of the neighboring property should be planned anyway. You need to take this into account when deciding on a very small plot of land. With a small plot of land, three meters can take up a lot of space that was planned for building.
This is exactly why there is a 3D software for planning houses. This allows you to plan everything carefully in advance and test it virtually so that the errors do not become visible later when you are already building the house.

You should also consider how you want to orient your house in the cardinal points. For example, if you are planning a terrace, you have to decide whether it should be flooded with sun during the day (south) or only catch some sun in the morning or evening (east and west). You should also keep in mind that the terrace should be quiet and not facing the street.

What types of houses are there in single-family houses?

There are various house types to choose from when building your new home. However, it can also be that a building authority in a certain area has already determined which type of house is to be built there. This is often the case, for example, in new building areas or terraced houses.

Two basic house types are either bungalows or multi-story houses. The houses with several floors are usually characterized by the fact that they only need a relatively narrow floor plan, but at the same time can offer a large living space, as this extends over several floors. In contrast, a bungalow only consists of a ground floor and a basement. The advantage of bungalows is that they are particularly suitable, for example, for older people who no longer like to climb stairs. A house with several floors can, however, serve to separate certain living areas from one another. This is particularly useful for families with children. If, on the other hand, you would like to build a villa, it is usually just free on the property, without being adjacent to another house or property.

What options do you have when it comes to the construction of your single-family home?

When it comes to building your family home, you probably have more options than you know. You can choose between a prefabricated house, a kit house, a do-it-yourself house, a masonry house or a solid house. You can also differentiate between stone houses, wooden houses or lightweight houses. However, not all of the construction methods mentioned can be built with these materials.
The prefabricated house is completely built in advance and then just placed on the property. The prefabricated house has all the relevant components.
A solid house, on the other hand, is built from individual stones.

A wooden house is made entirely of wood and is very trendy. These houses can be built in the most unusual shapes and have less impact on the environment.
An extension house is basically a prefabricated house. However, with this type of house you can completely develop the interior areas yourself. You can save money here if you lend a hand or use particularly inexpensive material. For many, wallpapering or painting is usually possible without any problems. You can also install tiles or other flooring yourself in order to save money. However, you should always know your area of ​​expertise. If you are not a specialist, you should, for example, leave the laying of water connections or drains to the professionals, as a lot can be done wrong here.

A kit house is almost the same as an extension house. Important elements such as the roof are manufactured. But you can do the expansion yourself.
Lightweight houses are mostly made of wood. A wooden frame is made which ultimately securely supports the entire structure.
The do-it-yourself house, on the other hand, is composed of individual modules. You can imagine the principle like putting Lego bricks together. You can plan the house and have the individual parts made. The manufacturer will then deliver them to you. After these are put together, they are usually supported with concrete to increase the stability and service life of the house.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of prefabricated houses compared to solid houses?

Can’t decide whether you’d rather build a prefabricated house or a solid house? This is understandable, as both types of construction have their advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of.
A prefabricated house is industrially assembled from several wooden frames. A solid house, on the other hand, is built from individual stones that are held together with mortar. The solid house also has better conditions to be able to store heat better.

However, a prefabricated house is built much faster. If you only need a few days to build a prefabricated house, this can take several months for a solid house. However, after construction, the solid house is usually ready to move into immediately or more quickly.
However, the price also plays a role. Prefabricated houses are usually cheaper than solid houses. However, even with a solid house, a lot of costs can be saved if everything has been carefully thought out and planned in advance. In addition, solid houses are easier to sell again and then usually at a higher price. In the case of a prefabricated house, it is usually the case that the price decreases over time.

In addition, a solid house can be designed more individually. You can build any house shape or type. With a prefabricated house, on the other hand, you usually only have a limited choice, which depends on the offer of the provider.
Prefabricated houses also have a higher risk of fire. In the case of solid houses, the material is not so susceptible and at the same time even serves as noise protection. In addition, the lifespan of a solid house is much longer.
Weather conditions are also a higher risk for prefabricated home owners. Because the wooden frames can bend when wet or cold. This cannot happen with a solid house.

Do you want to build a basement?

A basement always means higher costs for building your own home. Especially if, for example, there is a high groundwater level. In addition, the time required for planning and building the building increases. You should also check beforehand whether your property is in an area that is at risk of flooding.
You also need ventilation in a basement. In this way you can prevent the formation of mold or other impairments caused by moisture. You can also install windows that make the basement lighter and let in more fresh air.

Of course, a basement also has great advantages. Above all, it offers significantly more living space. It can also be used as a storage place for items or technology around the house. You can also expand the basement into a hobby paradise where you can let off steam undisturbed.
The price of the house also rises when it has a basement. Of course, you can also expand the basement and rent it out to generate income. In order to be able to plan all aspects in a targeted manner and to be able to check them in advance in order to avoid surprises or errors afterwards, a 3D house planner software is particularly suitable.

What role does the division of the rooms play?

In single-family houses, everyday living usually takes place on the ground floor, while the bedrooms are upstairs. With bungalows, of course, everything only takes place on one level.
One bathroom, living room and kitchen are usually planned on the ground floor. There is also a storage room. The bedrooms, the children’s room or an office are located on the upper floor. In addition, there is always the possibility of installing more bathrooms.

As parents, would you like to have some peace and quiet? Then, for example, they can move into the ground floor and furnish the children with rooms on the upper floor. The division of the rooms and living areas depends entirely on your personal needs and must therefore be planned individually. You can also use the 3D software for this. With the house planning software you can also test whether you prefer an open or a closed construction. With an open construction, there are no strict boundaries between certain rooms. For example, you can connect the living area with the kitchen or integrate the dining room into the living room. If you are very sensitive to smells, you should opt for a closed construction. You must also take into account the development of the interior of a house. If children may only need the children’s room to sleep at the beginning, however, over time this will also have to serve them as a playroom and work area. You should therefore allow for enough space from the start. You should also test how big you would like your living room to be. On average, living rooms of around 24 square meters are usually considered small and living rooms of 40 square meters are considered large. You can, for example, save living space by planning the living room a little larger and integrating the dining area into the living area.

Think about the future and build barrier-free

Barrier-free construction is not only beneficial for the elderly. There are also benefits when cleaning the building or when you suffer a sports injury. Most importantly, you build an accessible entrance and walk-in shower. So you are prepared for the future.

Before planning, estimate the cost of owning a home

The cost of a home depends on many factors. For example, which construction method you prefer or which materials you use. However, building a house usually costs between 1,400 and 2,400 euros per square meter. With a cubic meter you have to reckon with costs between 340 and 420 euros. In addition, you should calculate the costs for the property. There can be big differences here. Depending on the location, the square meter can cost between 100 and 1,200 euros.
Added to this are the costs for the craftsmen, technicians and architects. You should also calculate insurance and interest payments in the event of loan financing.

Build your own house step by step

However, the most important thing when building a house is planning. Lots of mistakes can be made in this phase of building a house, but it can also be a lot of fun if you can let off steam creatively. A 3D house planner software is best suited for this. This can support individual planning, encourage creativity and avoid mistakes.

Plan your floor plan and think about the future

With good software, you can design your own floor plan and entire house. In this way, you can still test in the planning phase whether your ideas can be implemented and where possible traps might lurk.
This software is not only suitable for professionals, but also for laypeople. Because it can illustrate demanding ideas, but is also very easy to use. In addition, you can always switch between a 2D and a 3D view. How it is best for the planning process.

The software offers a number of supporting functions so that it can be operated intuitively and you can immediately identify errors in the planning.
Software can never completely replace an architect. However, this means that you have to pay far fewer working hours for the architect and you can save not only a lot of costs, but also a lot of time. For example, you can illustrate your own ideas and then hand the model over to an architect. He can then check the model and make the final fine improvements.

Plan the floor plan correctly from the start

You cannot foresee the future. So it is important to plan in order to be prepared for whatever is important to you. For example, are you planning to expand your family? Or would you like your parents to be able to live in the house too? Then you better plan one more room. Plan your floor plan so that you can live flexibly in different phases of your life.

Planning is crucial

If you decide to build a house yourself, you probably already have a very clear idea of ​​what your dream house will look like later. It is best to set a budget at the beginning and then check your ideas either with a professional or with a house planner software. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity. Also consider whether you want to save energy and therefore want to glaze the windows multiple times, for example. With software, you can visualize all aspects that are floating around in your head and, if necessary, are reminded of important aspects that you have not even considered. Errors are also immediately visible.

With the right planning software, your dreams are possible

The CAD house planner software is ideal for planning your dream house correctly. This will allow you to create and visualize a professional model and plan everything in advance. In this way you avoid mistakes and know what your dream home will look like before building it. You can also save a lot of time and money this way. In addition, it is a lot of fun to let off steam with planning software and let creativity flow. If you are planning a single-family house, you have to take into account that it is usually placed freely on a piece of land and does not come into contact with any other land or buildings. So you also have space for a garden. You can also use the planning software to design everything in the planning phase and have it visualized. You can also plan a garage or an extension.

Plan your own house with the 3D CAD software

With this software you can easily plan your own house yourself and visualize it in 3D. The program is extremely powerful and works very precisely. Hence, you can’t go wrong with this. The software is available in three different versions. You can easily read what differentiates the versions by comparing the three versions. You can also take a tour of the house in 3D. You can make reflections and shadow play visible. You can also change the light sources and thus display the house with any lighting.

Is the planning software suitable for you?

The program was specially developed for amateur architects and can therefore be used by everyone. The software can be operated intuitively and easily after a few minutes. You usually only need a few clicks to be able to display your ideas in 3D and check for errors.