Are you moving into a new apartment or house, but desperate about the furnishing and design of your new living space? Then this 3D CAD program could be just the thing for you. To use the software, you do not need any prior knowledge or experience and can start setting up your new home straight away. The digital interior planner offers you the opportunity to visualize your living space true to detail and according to your needs. Not only the dimensions of furniture and other furnishings can be displayed in the program. Different designs of furniture and colors are also supported by the software. When setting up, you avoid nasty furnishing surprises of any kind, as you have already set it up digitally and tailored it to your needs.

In addition to furnishings, you can also redesign entire room arrangements. By using the software, you have the option of making adjustments at short notice at any time and viewing them again directly. You can not only work on the room concept with your family and friends, but also let other service providers share your wishes. This enables them to implement your wishes more reliably. If, for example, you have hired an architect, you can use the program to better bring your ideas to bear. Your wishes are better taken into account, save you time and nerves and there are fewer misunderstandings.

So don’t leave your facility to chance and try out the 3D CAD software. Do you have any further questions that you would like to discuss with us on this topic? We would be happy to advise you personally on the software under the phone number 0 561 473 952 16