House planning is exciting, extensive, creative, but also exhausting. It is all the more important that you have a suitable tool available for visualization. This is where the ArCADia BIM 3D architect comes into play.

The extensive planning software acts as a 3D CAD program. The handling is suitable for professionals and builders as well as laypeople. You can use the software to plan your dream house, support the architect or just visualize the building project. The numerous possibilities and tools within the software help you to create a detailed picture. But even if you don’t want to visualize a whole house, but maybe just a new kitchen, renovation measures or the construction of a terrace, the ArCADia BIM 3D architect is at your side. Because the scope extends from A to Z and thus also includes basement, garage and Co.

Become your own architect in no time and design your house with the ArCADia BIM 3D architect. Work your way forward with the intelligent construction mode and switch between the different views to bring your construction project to life.

Even as a layperson: House planning like a professional

Who Said You Have To Be An Architect To Design Your Home? Because with the right program, for example the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect, you can design a detailed building without any prior knowledge. The advantage: The software is almost self-explanatory and you can live out all your ideas.

Because within the ArCADia BIM 3D Architects all kinds of details, functions and modules can be easily set up within the building. This applies, for example, to doors, windows, stairs, balconies, garages and basements. These are by no means just fixed specifications. Instead, you can customize and adjust all objects as you wish. This applies, for example, to the color, the material or the surface. But the walls are also planned down to the smallest detail. Here you can, for example, set the wall thickness and so on. You can also design your building project directly afterwards. A large database of objects is available for this. With these you furnish your new home and liven it up with various objects.

While the ArCADia BIM 3D architect always works intelligently and automatically, you can also examine your drawing from all sides. You can easily switch between 2D and 3D modes. Ultimately, the visualized construction project should also be put into practice. That is why the ArCADia BIM 3D architect works with symbols according to German building standards. In addition, he will help you with structuring. For example, all rooms are automatically recognized and numbered. Previous mathematical and static knowledge? You don’t need any of this, because the software automatically measures dimensions and areas. Just click through and create new floors, add terrace and at the end create a roof using the roof editor. So the visualization of your dream home is sure to succeed.

Smart functions: simply import floor plans

Every construction plan begins with the floor plan. On the one hand, you have the option of drawing it very easily and in no time in 2D mode. However, it becomes even less complicated with the import of existing data. For example, if you have an existing floor plan on paper, you can easily import it into the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect. To do this, the drawing only needs to be scanned and then integrated into the program. The software is also compatible with other external programs. This helps, for example, when working with the architect, who thus extends existing construction drawings.

Maintain an overview: views and representations

With the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you always have an overview of your building project. You don’t have to think three-dimensionally. Because while you are drawing your construction project, the software shows you all changes in real time. In addition, you can switch between different views and thus keep an overview. Among other things, you can use different layers to display this. After you have created floor plans and the like in 2D mode, simply enter your visualized building project in 3D. You step in and experience the architectural drawing. You can also design tours or videos for the presentation of your project. For a more realistic representation, the software works with light and shadow conditions. You can also set the time of day for the visualization.

Set up your building project

Not only the division of the rooms, but also the furnishings determine the living atmosphere. That is why the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect provides you with databases with over 500,000 objects. These are displayed to you in 3D and thus enliven the interior of your building project. The desired object is still not available? Then just import it from external sources or create it with ease! House planning succeeds from start to finish.