Carry out house planning yourself and become your own architect? This works out! Because with innovative software for house planning, even as a layperson, you can complete house planning . This not only brings your dream home and ideas exactly to the screen, but also saves the costs for the architect at the same time. This is of course not completely ignored when building a house, but its work is always limited. Because with our ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you simply visualize the building project of your dreams and adapt it to your wishes. You can then simply submit the project to the architect, who will fine-tune the plan.

And how is all of this supposed to work without experience, know-how and the like? Very easily! Because the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is characterized by a user-friendly user interface and takes over the technical thinking for you. Thus, the plans are automatically created according to German building standards. So you can confidently concentrate on the fun work and simply let your creativity run free. After a short training period, you can use all functions without any problems and proceed like a professional.

Because the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect combines professional implementation with flexible handling. This means that you always have an overview by simply working in 2D and 3D at the same time. After you have created, customized and set up the entire architecture, simply examine and present it in the 360 ° passage . Here you will amaze your family members, friends, acquaintances and your architect.

But of course, every beginning is difficult and even with our ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you can often face various questions. For this reason, we have prepared an extensive auxiliary area for you, which will optimally support you in house planning on your own. This consists of direct support , remote maintenance and access to a portal . In this way, you are prepared for all situations and can create your new dream home in no time at all.

Plan your dream home on your own: Your advantages

Of course, planning your dream home on your own sounds tempting, but at the same time it also sounds like a lot of work. So why should you do the work the architect does for you? In fact, you benefit from all sorts of advantages with extensive construction planning on your own. However, it should always be noted that you do not, of course, carry out the entire house planning entirely on your own. Because building a house is practically impossible without an architect and civil engineer. After all, the building application can only be approved after it has been submitted. So of course you don’t study architecture for years so that customers can simply plan their houses themselves with software. Instead, working with such software, for example with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect , can make work much easier for both parties. The most important advantages therefore include:

  • Saving effort and time : If you plan your new home on your own, you will also save yourself a lot of effort and time. Because you can design the drawing comfortably from the sofa or desk – in peace and without stress. On the one hand, you have enough time to try out all the functions and designs and, on the other hand, you save yourself constant communication with the architect. If he is planning the first drafts of your house, you will certainly have a few things to complain about. This results in numerous appointments and meetings so that the house also meets your expectations in the end. With the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect , however, you plan the first draft and the architect only has to fine-tune it.
  • Saving costs : Time is money. And of course you don’t have to pay for the time that you take from the architect. So you already take over a large part of his tasks and simply send him a drawing of your dream house. Now the architect only has to bring in his technical expertise, revise the plan or simply create a new drawing based on your construction plan.
  • a dream house adapted to your requirements : It is not always easy to get your own ideas across exactly. As a layperson in particular, you may have difficulties with this. The architect tries to adapt the drawing to your requirements, but this is not always easy. This creates drawing after drawing until the building project corresponds to your ideas. But there is also an easier way. If you have already created an individual plan of your dream home, you can simply send it to your architect. This saves you complicated explanations. At the same time, this method is ideal for builders with little imagination. Now you can visualize your ideas directly and revise them on the screen.

The selected software must be able to do this

When looking for suitable software for house planning, you will come across all kinds of programs. However, not all are suitable for your case. Thus, numerous 3D CAD programs, for example, are geared towards the prior experience, technical expertise and know-how of the user. As a builder, however, you are missing exactly what makes the complicated user interface unusable for you. Other software may not have the features you need to draw your dream home. For this reason it is important that you take a close look at the selected 3D software for house planning.

For you as a builder without previous experience this means: The program must offer all functions with which you can create a comprehensive construction drawing. At the same time, however, these functions must be presented in a simple and understandable manner so that you can use them as a layperson. In this sense, intuitive operation is necessary, which you can learn in the shortest possible time without any prior knowledge. We have explained exactly what that means in the following sections.

Extensive functions for the detailed house plan

The goal of house planning on your own is that you can bring your ideas to the screen and thus convey them to the architect according to your ideas. In this sense, it is not just about living out your creativity, but the house plan should actually be applied. Therefore, before purchasing software, you should make sure that it has the desired functions. This counts, for example, for the extensive design of floor plans and rooms. At the same time, a wide variety of elements and gadgets must be available for displaying individual elements. This is done, for example, through a catalog with usable inventory. This is the first time you can present your individual ideas about the furnishing and design of walls, windows, doors and the like. Another important point in house planning is the roof structure. A wide variety of options should be available for this so that the virtual dream home actually meets your requirements. In this sense, it must be possible to implement different variants.

As a layman, dry architectural drawings usually don’t tell you much. It is therefore particularly important that it is a 3D CAD software . If the program only offers you a 2D mode, it is not suitable for your project.

Finally, the finished house plan should also be sent to your architect, who thus has a picture of your ideas and can change the plan directly. However, since the professional will probably use a different program, your drawing must be compatible with this one. The DWG and DXF file formats are usually required for this, as these are used in most architecture programs.

The extensive functions that you have to expect from the software therefore include in short:

  • the presentation of the construction project
  • Flexibility in the detailed drawing
  • the individual adaptation of individual elements
  • the design of the landscape and surroundings
  • the availability of elements to furnish and equip
  • the roof structure
  • Compatibility with other programs

Easy handling for laypeople

The most extensive functions will not get you anywhere if you cannot operate them. For this reason, the focus of the software you are looking for is of course also on handling. This has to be aimed at laypeople, which is why the user interface has to be easy and intuitive to use. In addition to the free drawing, the desired software should therefore have a wide variety of assistants and tools available that facilitate the planning of individual elements. This can include, for example, wizards for creating rooms and roof structures. So the goal is that your new software for house planning can be used without any previous experience. The training period should therefore be short – after all, you can also expect time savings.

You would like to experience the same flexibility in the design, which is why walls, floors and co. Must be customizable with just a few clicks.

Are free CAD software suitable?

The temptation is certainly great to simply rely on one of the many free 3D CAD programs for house planning. After all, you can download it directly from the Internet and get started. However, this approach is not suitable for construction plans that are also to be implemented. Because the functions are usually very poor, while the display is also poor. Instead, free planning software is suitable for the first familiarization with CAD programs, but by no means for the representation of real construction projects. Because while high-quality software also takes construction standards and static calculations into account when planning, the free software is usually less complex. Since many of these programs are also no longer updated, you may also encounter disruptions, while many free planning software also live from advertising that disrupts the construction drawing.

House planning made easy: ArCADia BIM 3D Architect

Among all the software that is available to you for house planning, the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is particularly suitable for construction projects of all kinds. It fulfills all the functions that you expect from such software. The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect was precisely tailored to house planning by private builders without prior experience. You will find numerous functions and tools for simplified planning, while the user interface is generally characterized by easy and intuitive handling. And should problems arise here, the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect will always support you with various assistance. In this sense, you can reach our support, which among other things also carries out remote maintenance for you. In addition, with the purchase of the software you also get access to an extensive portal.

But despite the simple handling of our Windows software , you can use it to design extensive house plans in an impressive display. You can work comfortably in 2D mode while your planned construction project is being set up in 3D mode at the same time. The drawings created can then simply be sent to the architect and revised directly by him. You have already relieved this of a lot of effort, because the drawings with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect are always based on German building standards.

In the end, you can also present your building project in an impressive way. The 360 ​​° tour helps you to experience your new home up close on the screen.

Plan building projects from A to Z: inexpensive and extensive

New construction, renovation, house, apartment – with the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you plan construction projects from A to Z. This not only applies to your home, but also to your garden, terrace and landscape . Here you rely on photo-realistic representations while you work your way forward intuitively step by step.

You benefit from a fair price for the complete package of high-quality functions, extensive support and presentations in professional quality. With the purchase from ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you will receive both a direct download to your computer and a DVD for installation. This allows you to use the software on two end devices and then use all functions at no additional cost and without a subscription.