Together with the kitchen, the living room is one of the most important rooms in a house or apartment. We spend a lot of time here, especially in the evening. It is important that there is a relaxing atmosphere in the living room. The rest of the text describes exactly what you have to pay attention to when planning and furnishing a living room yourself. The living room should always be a perfect combination of comfort, entertainment and aesthetics as this is where you spend most of your day-to-day living. When planning, you should always pay attention to your preferences and wishes and try to implement them.

Choose a suitable room

Before you plan the equipment and furnishing of the living room, you should first find a suitable room in the house. When choosing a room, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Size of the room:
    The size of the room plays an important role when choosing the living room. Many choose the largest room in the house. However, there are other factors to consider.
  • Light :
    The right lighting conditions are also very important for the perfect living room. When choosing the room, make sure that enough light falls into the potential living room. The right lighting conditions make the living room look much cozier, more inviting and warmer. The light also has an effect on the furnishings and the living style in the room, as the selected color elements appear much more lively due to the light. For this reason, you should make sure that the living room is on an outside wall with a wide window front. This allows a lot of light to flow into the room during the day.
  • Alignment of the room:
    When choosing the living room, you should always consider the orientation of the room. Most of the natural light enters the living room through south-facing windows. If you would like light in the morning, you should orient the living room to the east. Many choose to combine the living room with the terrace. So you build the terrace directly next to the living room so that the terrace can be easily reached via the living room. The terrace is usually covered so that you can stay outside even in summer. In smaller apartments, living rooms are increasingly being connected and combined with an eat-in kitchen.
  • The right facility:
    After you have found the right room, the room must be furnished and adapted to your needs and wishes. For the planning of the living room you can use the 3D CAD software, with which you can visualize all your ideas and ideas and look at them in a comprehensive 3D view. To help you plan your facility, you should prepare a floor plan or have it drawn up by an expert. This drawing serves as a basis for planning.
    In the next step, you should determine the furniture and furnishings and position them in the room. Typical furniture and objects for the living room are couches, armchairs and chairs, TV sets, stereo systems and other electronic entertainment devices. When the most important objects are positioned, further accessories and decorative elements follow, such as: B. Pictures, carpet, curtains and wall design. With the accessories, you should make sure that they match the living style and give the room a personal charm.

Find the right living style

When furnishing the house or living room, you can choose one of the following living and furnishing styles:

  • Minimalistic :
    The minimalist living style is becoming more and more popular these days. Minimalism is characterized by simplicity. You do without unnecessary furnishings and accessories. The furniture is rarely chosen based on its appearance, but mostly based on functionality and use. A minimalist style is more suitable for smaller living rooms, as the room looks less cluttered and automatically larger. The minimalist style of living is rather unsuitable for large living rooms, as the room can appear impersonal and empty. Compared to other living styles, the minimalism is also considerably cheaper.
  • Cozy :
    Comfort and cosiness should always have top priority in the living room. In addition to the furniture, you should also choose suitable accessories and decorative elements to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Opt for a large, inviting couch that matches the interior style in terms of color and underlines the cozy atmosphere. Indirect lighting in the room is also very important for comfort in the living room. Many also use chic lampshades that match the ambience. You should be able to dim the light in the living room.
  • Modern :
    The modern living style is characterized above all by simple and sleek design and functionality. So you always choose furniture based on its usefulness. The accessories mostly consist of glass and marble elements.
  • Retro :
    The retro style is from the 1960s. In this day and age, this old style is becoming increasingly popular to furnish a living room. In the retro style, bright and strong color elements are combined with elegant shapes and designs and are usually made of wood.
  • Rural style of living:
    In many cities and new buildings, builders opt for the country house style. The country house look is reminiscent of an old inn or a traditional country house. The furniture in the country house look is mostly made of wood, which creates a certain naturalness and cosiness.
  • Mediterranean:
    In the Mediterranean style of living, the look of the furnishings is crucial. The furniture and furnishings are functional, but above all stylish and decorative and underline the comfort and functionality in the room. Popular furniture for the Mediterranean style is made of rattan or wood.
  • Feng Shui:
    The Feng Shui style is a Chinese furnishing style. Feng Shui refers to the harmony theory of Daoism. It means that the furnishings in the living room are precisely coordinated with one another and thus appear much more harmonious and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. This positive energy should make it easier for you to relax in the room and to put away the stress of everyday life. Positive life energy also plays a very important role in Feng Shui. In Daoism they say that Feng Shui increases your life energy (Chi). If you decide on the Feng Shui living and furnishing style, you have to follow the ” Feng Shui rules ” when furnishing.