Would you like to redesign or refurbish your own four walls? Have you built a new apartment or house and are unsure about the interior design? Or would you like to quickly get an impression of how the room could look and work in a different design?

Use the 3D CAD room planning software from ArCADia BIM to develop and design your ideas for interior design and to systematically implement your plans.

The 3D CAD room planning software from ArCADia BIM offers you many options for the detailed design of your room planning.

He is at your side as a helpful digital assistant to support you exactly where your planning or design questions arise.

The planning:

Instead of laboriously moving and rebuilding pieces of furniture yourself, tackling the first steps in order to then determine that this was not the right one, you can use the user-friendly planning software from ArCADia BIM to get an initial overview, try out various options and get a structured plan result.

Here you can plan individual rooms or design entire living rooms.

Thanks to its simple handling, you are sure to succeed in every planning step. In this way, you will learn all the necessary processes, from room drawing to object placement.

We’ll show you how to do it here:

Planner tool: room drawing and floor plan

After entering the project data for the first time, the room planner wizard will work with you to determine the shape of the room. You can either design a free room shape yourself or choose between five different standard floor plans:

  • rectangle
  • L-shape I.
  • L-shape II
  • U shape
  • Stem

After this selection you have to determine the lengths. Here you can choose between internal or external wall dimensions.

At the same time, the wall thickness and the room height are also defined.

In addition to the common units of measurement such as meters, centimeters and millimeters, yards and inches are also available.

If room outlines turn out to be more complex, simply use the auxiliary lines or the construction aids of the room planner. Among other things, explanatory videos are available here for free.

Even sloping ceilings can be taken into account and determined by inserting the roof for your planning. You can define the roof shape for individual rooms yourself or the wizard will determine this for you. There is a choice between hip, saddle, monopitch, flat, mansard, half-hipped roof (with or without a hole) or parapet. You can make special roof shapes by making an entry. Here, too, video material is available to help you.

The slope and the roof overhang are then determined.

Room alignments can be made for light and shadow areas.

Drawing in windows and doors

In the selection of different windows and doors you will find a large number of different models and variants. The exact dimensions, shape and placement of windows and doors are essential for successful room planning. You can also determine small details such as the rung division yourself here.

The construction assistant will help you with this planning step and videos with instruction tips are also available.

The design

Now that you have made the first technical planning details of your rooms or your living space, you can now devote yourself entirely to the design.

In addition to the basic color and structural design of walls, floors and ceilings, you can also find pieces of furniture, accessories or entire kitchen and bathroom furnishings in the 3D CAD room planning software from ArCADia BIM.

In the following you can get an overview of the various possibilities of the room planner software.

Variety of (designer) furniture, accessories, materials and modern color palettes

No matter which room you want to set up and plan, this room planner software offers you a large number of fitted kitchens, (designer) furniture, sample bathrooms, accessories, materials and modern and trendy color palettes. You can use our object catalog of the Pro versions of the ArCADia BIM room planner to position and scale them in your design in a very user-friendly way using drag and drop at any location of your choice.

In addition, it is possible to read in image files from pieces of furniture so that they can then be used in the room planner software. In addition, furniture imported from the Internet can also be transferred to the program.

You can use new items and accessories as well as incorporate existing collector’s items into your new room planning and plan in advance how and where this accessory will best come into its own.

If you suddenly notice that something is not in the right place or speaks against your ideas in the room planning, the objects, materials or colors can be quickly exchanged, changed or moved.

This includes even fine details such as (fabric) covers for seating furniture, surface structures or the wood grain of work surfaces, tables or storage areas. You can even adjust and replace individual handles on drawers or cupboards as you wish. Choose the right one from over 5000 textures and surface materials for building materials indoors and outdoors, walls, floors, etc., regardless of whether it is planks, parquet floors, textured wallpaper or rough plaster. Here, too, you can individually add your own images with appropriate structures and patterns. Common formats such as BMP, PNG, JPG and GIF are possible.

If the available furniture is insufficient, there is an additional option to download additional 3D models from the Internet. You will quickly find what you are looking for with the search terms “SketchUp”, “SketchUpAlternative” or “3DS”.

The 3DWarehouse thus offers a variety of additional design objects. The 3D showroom shows you branded furniture with a preview, dimensions and product and manufacturer information.

The popular IKEA furniture can also be found here and can be used in room planning. Simply search for IKEA or IKEA kitchen on the 3D Warehouse website, select the object you are looking for, click on “Download” and then on “SketchUp 2015 model”. Thanks to the 3D converter, the file can now be imported into your room project.

+++ Special features for kitchens and bathrooms +++

In the 3D kitchen planner, you can import (brand) kitchens and IKEA kitchen furniture into the planning and place them precisely, precisely and scaled. The textures of the kitchen furniture can also be chosen as desired or added individually by uploading.

When it comes to bathroom design, the 3D bathroom designer offers you a special and true-to-scale planning design.

The right thing for every room: additional room and object sets

In addition to the selection between different materials, textures and surface structures from the catalog or your own upload area, the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect room planner also offers entire object sets for the various rooms of an apartment or house. Here you will find sets for living rooms, bedrooms, children, work and bathrooms as well as for the kitchen, basement, attic, outdoor area and garden.

With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you can also incorporate light sources and various lamps into your design and choose between spotlights, ceiling, table or floor lamps. In order to get a realistic and lifelike appearance of the room, you can adjust the brightness, the shadow sharpness and the light color with fine parameters.

Great comparison options thanks to the combination of foils

You just can’t decide which furniture combination or furnishing variant is the most beautiful for you? Thanks to the combination of foils in the ArCADia BIM room planner, you have the option of comparing various design options directly with one another with just a few clicks. To use this option, you simply have to show or hide object groups or certain areas of your planning and you have a great opportunity to compare what is right for you.

3D spatial guidance or bird’s eye view to provide an overview of the finished design

After you have completed your design, you can review your design in two ways. Here you can choose between the 3D spatial guidance and the bird’s eye view. Both options offer different advantages for double-checking that everything has been placed in the right place and that the furniture, colors and decoration are consistent.

The views can be controlled with the mouse or the computer keyboard. Should objects block your view, they can be quickly hidden and shown again later.

The special thing about it: In the 3D perspective, individual viewing perspectives can even be saved – either from a certain height or freely.

In addition, a three-dimensional visualization of your design can be saved in the so-called rendering. With certain tools you can also add light and shadow calculations that make the whole thing look more vivid and real.

From planning to implementation

If you would like to have your new room design in professional hands and an (interior) architect or interior designer will take care of the matter, they are ideally positioned with the planning and preparation via the software. Because the room planner from ArCADia BIM offers a suitable solution for planning and designing rooms without spending a lot of time and technical know-how – thus indispensable for visual organization and presentation.

Even apartment planners, floor plan planners or kitchen planners can work with the program, as professional floor plans and plans can also be drawn here.

Our conclusion: Great product, easy handling, many possibilities

With the 3D Architect room planning software from ArCADia BIM, you can plan and design individual rooms or entire houses from the basics to the very last detail. With your Windows PC, you can create every detail, from the precise floor plan to the drawer handle. You can plan any type of space and choose from a large range and a multitude of options between materials, furniture, structures, surfaces, patterns and colors. Even your own, perhaps already existing, objects can be integrated into the new planning thanks to a simple upload. Even pieces you have constructed yourself can be incorporated into the program.

Different room and roof shapes are taken into account and realistic relationships of light and shadow are created.

Among the different product versions of ArCADia BIM there is also the right version for you. Try it out now and download the program right away, conveniently by downloading it directly here. You can start immediately!

Bring new charm into your home or redesign your interior now – you will achieve great results and experience a new feeling of home.