The floor plan of your apartment is a project that should be professionally designed. This can be done very easily without experience and directly from home with our software ArCADia BIM 3D Architect .

The beginning of your own apartment is the floor plan: You can create this uncomplicated and with the help of prefabricated rooms in the software. Windows, doors and also slopes or different levels can easily be dragged into the project and placed where it belongs for you.

2D and 3D function

Both the 2D and the 3D function allow you to view your planning day and night. In the 2D function, you can first enter dimensions and later on have an overview of the living space you have created.

If you switch to the 3D function, the details such as hatching, fillings or line types are important. Everything is automatically adapted to the scale by the program so that you can also insert stairs, doors or windows and still always have an overview of the space. The extension editor makes your work easier and also enables you to draw and plan electrical or sanitary facilities. Our software gives you all the useful options to plan and design your apartment the best and with the highest quality .

Work around problems

Who has not already bought a piece of furniture that in retrospect turned out to be too big for the space they had dreamed of? With our software, we can easily end this problem for you, because lending a hand and measuring yourself is now a thing of the past. In ArCADia BIM 3D Architect you always have an overview of dimensions and distances to walls or other pieces of furniture. Our program gives you the security of knowing that you are always on the right track when furnishing your home.

In addition to the floor plan of your apartment, you can also use the software to design the kitchen, thus avoiding cumbersome planning . The external aspects of the apartment, such as the garden or the driveway, can also be planned quickly and easily with various modules in our software. Get started today and save yourself further trips to furniture stores or professionals.