If your dream home is about to come true, there is also an exciting time ahead of you. After all, a lot is being planned, considered and changed now. But as a layperson, it is often not that easy for you to present your ideas. You may also lack the imagination to plan a home. Construction is also possible in this way, but it is always better if you can explain specific ideas and plans to your architect. At this point, 3D CAD software pays off, with which you can easily visualize your ideas around house planning. You design your dream home down to the last detail and bring it to life with the option of a virtual tour. But for this to actually work, you also need the right software. That is why we offer you an extensive program with which you, even as an amateur, can become your own architect in no time at all.

House planning on your own: Advantages

Why should you plan your new dream home yourself? After all, what are architects for? Even if the basic idea is justified, you are faced with numerous advantages and doors when planning your own house. You have to keep in mind that your own planning does not replace the work of the architect. It is much more about being able to convey your ideas as realistically as possible. In this way you avoid some of the disadvantages that you would experience if you only worked with the architect.

Because if you tell your architect about your planning ideas, he will ultimately also incorporate his own ideas. This is completely normal, but is not always desired when planning a house. The results are constant contact with your architect and constant changes to the plan. However, you can avoid all of this if you create a visualization of your dream home in advance and submit it to your architect. Based on your specifications, he can now create a building according to your taste and you have saved time and effort in the end. In addition, you have effectively saved your architect the time he would have invested in house planning. In this way, you reduce costs while you are also spared stress . Because there are no deadlines when you subscribe yourself. Instead, you can try out a wide variety of types and designs in front of the screen and get inspiration.

You need that for the extensive house planning

If you want to plan your dream home yourself, you first need ideas. However, this now has to be implemented. As a layperson, you will not have much experience with building drawings on paper. In addition, the realization of your living space is much more about the design and visualization. For this reason, you can confidently put aside all static, mathematical and building law ideas and simply plan your new dream home. Of course, this applies to the individual key data, which you need for high-quality construction planning. However, this is entirely in your interest, because of course you cannot plan a building that does not fit on the property at all. The same focus must of course be placed on the construction boundaries. These play a major role in the building application and must therefore be taken into account during planning. However, you can find the key data you need with a quick look at the existing building and site plans.

Do you have all information about the property ready and are you ready for the construction planning on your own? Then all you need now is the right software ! This is exactly what we offer you here, regardless of the type of construction project. Because with our 3D software you can design apartments, houses, new buildings and renovations alike.

Our 3D CAD software can do that

There are numerous 3D CAD software for house planning, which is why you always have to be careful when choosing. Our program is also suitable for laypeople and makes it easier for them to find a variety of architectural drawings. You can easily set all kinds of details in the software. For example, when drawing the floor plan, you can set the thickness of the walls and specifically contrast the outer walls with the inner walls. Our program also offers you a wide variety of functions that act as help. It starts with a grid with auxiliary lines and extends to our diverse support. At the same time, you always have an overview and can already experience your planned construction project virtually. The 360 ° tour and a wide variety of representations, such as the 2D and 3D mode , serve you for this purpose. You can even work in both modes at the same time and thus always have a complete overview of your construction drawing.

But there are many other reasons why the ArCADia BIM 3D Architect is ideal for building owners. Because with our software you won’t make any mistakes. In this way you can easily change or delete elements that you dislike in any way. This gives you more leeway and freedom of design.

This must be taken into account before planning the house

In advance: You do not need any previous experience, know-how or training to use our innovative 3D construction software. At this point, your ideas and a brief overview as well as a training period in the software are sufficient. Nevertheless, you need some basic knowledge about building a house yourself. This is important because the architect only needs to change a few things. After all, the plans that you create with the 3D CAD software should actually be able to be used. To do this, pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Materials
  • Structure of the wall
  • Roof type
  • Room area and division
  • Budget

Only when you actually pay attention to all of these points can a realistic building project arise. Because with many functions in particular, there is a great temptation to get the most out of every element. However, this cannot be implemented if the cost points are taken into account, which is why you must not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the numerous functions and options. So it is important that you always act with a clear head. Because please note: Your new home is a long-term investment . For this reason, you should always plan ahead. This can affect family size and child planning. But not only a growing family, but also a family that may soon become smaller must be taken into account. Do you often expect visitors? Or maybe you even planned to move your own parents in when you were old? When planning a house, no aspect should really be neglected. Because extensive and good planning will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

The time has come: start with the construction drawing

You have the key data, the ideas are there, our 3D CAD software has been downloaded and you are ready to plan your dream home. Then you can start now, where you simply draw in a building-up manner for the sake of clarity. It all starts with an extensive floor plan for the first floor. With this you already lay the foundation stone for your new building project. With this in mind, you should invest enough time in this step, as the results of the further steps also depend on it.

When drawing a floor plan, you always start with the longest line and continue drawing from this. And because every beginning is difficult, you will find a wide variety of tools in our software for drawing your dream house. The view is designed with a grid including auxiliary lines, which enable precise drawing.

Once you have drawn the floor plan for your new home, you can continue with the interior walls . At this point it is advantageous if you already have a rough idea of ​​the room layout . How many rooms do you need? How big should these be roughly? You should have considered all of this in advance and now be able to bring it to the screen. But don’t worry, should you ever dislike a design, you can of course change it. The 3D CAD software is the ideal way to try out all the ideas and possibilities.

Would you like to make it particularly easy for yourself? You don’t necessarily have to freehand draw space. Our software also offers you a assistant for room planning . You can create any room with just a few clicks.

The first components are found

If you have basically already drawn in all the interior and exterior walls, the shell is already on the screen. Now it’s about the first design elements, such as windows and doors . On the one hand, these liven up the look and on the other hand also make a significant contribution to the quality of living in the building. For this reason, you should not just draw in the elements at random, but carefully integrate them into your new dream home. At least now, the thorough advance planning is already paying off, in which you have possibly also considered the direction of the construction. Because depending on the situation, the sun falls through the window. At the same time, the choice of doors and windows plays a major role in the appearance of your new home. For this reason, you can simply choose the right element for your taste from numerous styles and models in our software. So decide on a type of window or door and simply attach it to the building. Now at the latest you can also use the 3D mode, in which you will find a realistic representation of your house drawing.

There is room for improvement: further constructions and storeys

The floor plan and the room layout have been drawn and the windows and doors have already been moved in. In this sense, the first floor is basically already there, which is why you can now expand the drawing. You can now both attach ceiling tiles and continue to draw the building upwards. To do this, simply duplicate the floor plan of the first floor or design the next floor individually again.

Finally: the roof

Have you created the desired number of floors, oriented the floor plan and the room layout to your needs and also arranged the doors and windows? Then the visualization of your building project is almost finished. Because now all that’s missing is a functional and aesthetic roof structure to complete the construction. A wide variety of factors must be taken into account, which our roof assistant will already consider for you. In this way, you simply choose a roof that suits you. This makes the roof construction much easier for you. Nevertheless, our 3D CAD software should not only offer you ease, but also flexibility. In this sense, you also have the option of entering all dimensions individually and thus constructing tailor-made roofs .

Time for the interior decoration

You have created and optimized your individual dream home. While it is already convincing from the outside and gives rise to anticipation, the interior still appears bare. Our software offers you all the functions you need to plan interior and co. This not only makes shopping and furnishing easier for you later, but also enlivens the visualization of your dream home.

Because especially when you have a house built, you put a lot of passion into it. Everything should be perfect here. However, this does not only end with the construction itself, but also continues with the interior design. But how do you plan the interior of rooms that do not yet exist? This is where our 3D CAD software comes in. With this you get access to numerous catalogs with virtual 3D objects . You will find these for every room and in every style, which is why you can already design your new dream home individually. In this way you avoid any mistakes when buying furniture and prepare your virtual construction drawing for the impressive tour on the screen.

Time for the house inspection

The time has come: the building of the house is finished – at least virtually. You have put a lot of work and time into creating the house of your dreams. In this state, it is now ready for transmission to the architect, who only carries out individual fine-tuning. Before that, you can also impress family and friends by simply taking them with you on a 360 ° walk through your new home.

The 3D CAD software offers you a realistic representation of all elements and lets you inspect every detail. Here you can simply navigate through your virtual dream house using the mouse. You can also use the high-quality representations and graphics for sharing with relatives and friends.

By the way: you do not have to share the representations of the architectural drawing per se on social networks and co. This is particularly useful during the drawing to get tips and tricks from friends and family.

With our 3D CAD software you are never alone

Our 3D CAD software was designed for the flexible creation of high-quality construction drawings for laypeople and builders. However, problems can still occur here, which is why you can benefit from our Support at any time. You can reach this free of charge , while you can also exchange ideas with like-minded people via a help portal . A special service in our software is also the option of remote maintenance . Because with this we always offer you personal and extensive assistance around all functions of our software. You will be connected to an employee via the TeamViewer, who will show you the solutions directly on your screen and correct any planning errors.

For laymen, builders and creative people: 3D house planner software

With our 3D CAD software for house planning, you can create high-quality architectural drawings in impressive representations – as a layperson! Because you do not need any previous knowledge or further know-how. This makes our program ideal for builders who want to take the planning of their dream home into their own hands. Buy our 3D architecture software and design your building project yourself. Use self-explanatory functions and a user-friendly interface, which will introduce you to your dream home step by step. If problems arise, extensive support, remote maintenance and access to a help portal are included in the purchase. This means you are prepared for any eventuality and you will soon be happy about the finished construction drawing, which you can simply send to the architect.