The ArCADia BIM 3D architect offers the possibility to construct floor plans and thus to realize projects. In addition to extensive functions, an intelligent user interface and 3D modeling, the requirements of German building standards are also adhered to during construction. In addition, it is also possible to import existing floor plans into the project.

Professional quality floor plans

Floor plans can be created even without many years of experience or special training in the field of architecture. This enables every client to keep the planning and construction under control. The intelligent 2D construction mode has numerous functions that increase the quality of the drawing and make work much easier. Rooms drawn with the help of dynamic lines are automatically recognized, calculated and numbered. The software contains an extremely extensive database which provides more than 1800 objects and elements in 2D mode and over 500,000 objects in 3D mode. These can be placed at the desired locations and linked to the designed structures.

Dimensioning and marking

In accordance with the building standards applicable in Germany, escape routes or power and water lines can be marked in accordance with standards. In order to keep the work on floor plans clear and to recognize the required values ​​immediately, all dimensions, exterior areas, roofs and auxiliary lines can be shown or hidden with a click of the mouse. Thus, the draftsman is in complete control of the important aspects of the work. Walls can also be modeled without any problems. Hatching, material, level height and wall thickness can be changed and modeled. Walls can be changed, existing ones incorporated and completely new wall creations created.

Intelligent slide management

Floor plans can be easily managed and edited. Various options are available to increase the clarity and to highlight certain sections. The intelligent slide management offers the possibility of showing and hiding objects and even entire groups of objects. This means that editing can be limited to individual objects such as stairs and rooms. Individual passages can also be enlarged and marked with distinctive color markings, or desired sections can be highlighted and edited on a floor-by-floor basis. Doors and windows can also be inserted and modified according to your own wishes and ideas.

Planning in 2D and 3D mode

In addition to planning the floor plan of rooms, it is also possible to set them up. This means that projects can be planned and prepared down to the smallest detail. The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect enables a simple change between the floor plan drawn in 2D mode and the photo-realistic 3D mode of the project. Thanks to the calculation in real time, there are no unnecessarily long loading times to worry about. In order to be able to view the project in detail and to let the created virtual environment affect you, the 3D mode offers the possibility of an inspection. In addition, the over 500,000 objects and elements available in 3D mode can be modified in terms of textures, materials and surfaces using an online dimension matrix. If the available database is not sufficient to realize your ideas, your own textures or elements and objects developed by third-party providers can be imported and used. The ArCADia BIM 3D Architect planning software does not replace a trained architect, but it does provide support during the planning phase and improve communication between several parties in the construction of the home.